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Four Seasons, Superstar Libra Star Cruises

Before I went on a cruise ship, the only idea I had of it were scenes from the movie Titanic. I thought all cruise ships would be huge and elaborate. People had to dress up fancily and there was plenty of gambling and merrymaking to be done. Of course, the show, having been set in older times, reflected the culture of the Western world back then. Fast forward to more modern times such as now, cruise ships have very much evolved into a different reflection of our culture. For

Blue Lagoon, Superstar Libra Star Cruises

Whenever us Asians travel, especially abroad to Western countries, our palates will long for a taste of home. Thankfully, if you’re cruising with Superstar Cruises out of Malaysia, your local cravings will always be satisfied. On my first time onboard the Superstar Libra by Star Cruises, I did not know what to expect food-wise. My last experience onboard another cruise ship had me going from one Western restaurant to another (don’t get me wrong, I love Western food - sometime

Superstar Libra Songkran Cruise by Star Cruises Malaysia

If you haven't heard, cruising is the new in thing for millennials. It's The Ship paved the way for partying on board cruise ships. And recently, we had one hell of an epic adventure on the Superstar Libra, Star Cruises for their SONGKRAN cruise! That's right... We partied into the sunset as we sailed away from the International Port of Penang and into the night. The Superstar Libra cruises from Penang to Phuket, then Krabi, then back to Penang on a 4D3N round trip. We were b

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