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Garage 51 x Nutella: Christmas Menu 2016

Christmas is my favourite season of the year and not just because of the festivities, but also the food! Apart from the typical Western-styled dishes we get to overload on once a year, tis also the season for sweet dreams to come true. Garage 51 does just that with their Nutella Christmas menu this year! Start with a Mochatella (RM16) - which is basically a Nutella mocha. And then try their messy garage pancakes with Nutella (RM18)... The pancakes are beautifully stacked with

Redang Station No. 15, Sekinchan

Sekinchan is a beautiful little town just over an hour away from Kuala Lumpur’s bustling city centre. If you’re looking for a quick getaway from KL, this is the place for you to go to. And by quick, I mean, a day-trip from KL or at most one night away. Though there isn’t much to do in this tranquil spot, the beauty of the place lies in its peace and quiet away from the hectic rush of city life. There are paddy fields for you to go to and of course, since it is a beachside tow

Padi Box Homestay & Cafe, Sekinchan

Recently, the foodievstheworld team took a short drive to Sekinchan, about an hour’s drive away from the KL City Centre. Sekinchan is one of the best short getaways from KL, as it is a really laidback town, with gorgeous paddy fields and it’s also by the sea, so you can enjoy the beach, if you want. While we were driving past the picturesque paddy fields, a cluster of colourful containers caught our eye and we decided to detour into the paddy fields to check it out. And purel

Intersect By: Clon, Klang

Situated inside Klang's newest boutique hotel, LAX Boutique Hotel, Intersect By: Clon breathes fresh life into Klang's old town centre. Moving from Section 12, Petaling Jaya, their new location in Klang is a little out of the way for PJ-folk like me but the food is definitely worth the visit. I could sit at Intersect: By Clon the whole day. I love the bright colours and bold statement pieces (check out the hanging ladder with lights!), smooth jazz music wafting out of the spe

Streat Thai, Jaya One

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Jaya One's The School is a street (or should I say Streat) Thai joint that is the perfect hangout spot for a casual night out. The restaurant is open-aired, breezy and has a large projector screen that is perfect for watching live sports matches! Not only does Streat Thai have an incredibly extensive menu, but judging from the number of Thai customers, the food is authentic too! It is also pork-free. All 15 chefs here are from different Thai p

Cafe Studio, Kota Damansara

Making good coffee is an art, so it was a great experience to watch coffee artists at work in an actual art studio. Cafe Studio in Kota Damansara is a modern art space featuring local artists as well as a gorgeous cafe. The vibe here is laidback and it is easy to spend a whole Sunday afternoon lazing here. Though it has the fittings of a museum, it carries the warmth of a friendly neighbourhood cafe. Walking around Cafe Studio is never boring because you are engaging in thoug

Pho Street, Paradigm Mall

Pho Street opened its first outlet in Malaysia to excite your taste buds with the distinctly fresh and vibrant flavours that it is known and loved for. We were eager for a taste of some Vietnamese street cuisine. We started with fresh summer rolls with prawn, pork belly & fresh herbs. I love the resilient texture of the skin, while the overall taste was very fresh and light, a perfect dish for a starter. Next, we had sesame rice crackers with fragrant minced meat and spices d

The Locker & Loft, Damansara Kim

My first visit to The Locker & Loft, I made a fool of myself because I couldn't find its entrance. Who would have thought a shoddy-looking, battered row of lockers would turn out to actually be a secret door to a place I would consider sui generis as far as bars go? But The Locker & Loft has a remarkable sense of individuality in its interior design. Upon entering the hidden bar, you will find yourself face to face with Paul Dass’ and Deepak Gill’s favourite photograph of wor

The Locker & Loft: Drinks

The Locker & Loft is not exactly what you'd call a speakeasy, but it is a hidden bar. More than just that, it is a gem hiding in the midst of Damansara Kim's famous fish head noodle soup shops. We got to try their food menu but more importantly, we sampled their signature cocktails and new creations. Ahad, who is now my favourite waiter there, is a slick, smooth-talking charmer from Bangladesh who can get me to try any of their dishes when he describes them in his flawless En

Bar Metropole, KLIA2

Some people get a bit antsy before flying and what better way to get the edge off than to knock back a couple of cocktails? There's no need to overdo it and get totally smashed, but one or two cocktails can help with pre-flight nerves. Bar Metropole is a classy, brightly lit bar in KLIA2's international departure area on the way to gates P and Q. If you're early enough for your flight, it's a nice place to chill out at. Wifi is available here, which is great for travellers. T

Ante, One Utama: New Teatime Menu

By Carmel Dominic When foodievstheworld was invited to review Ante’s brand new high-tea menu at their One Utama branch, we were expecting a three-tiered stand of cakes, assorted finger sandwiches, pastries, scones with jams and maybe some in-house baked cookies accompanied with a pot of tea. But, to our pleasant surprise, this spread was entirely different. There were only 3 plates in front us and for a fraction of a second, I was skeptical about the menu. One plate held Fren

Shell Out, Kota Damansara

Shell Out isn't a typical place you would bring a girl on a first date to - but it is a pretty genius idea to take her there on the second date (wink) to get to know her better. It's the kind of casual establishment that forces you both to get down and dirty with each other. You don't get plates or cutlery - just a sloppy mess of seafood served on a plastic covering your table. It's a family friendly spot, which becomes evident when you see the walls, tables and chairs covere

Tokyo Secret, One Utama

Tokyo Secret has been commanding long lines since opening just recently. The famed baked cheese tarts have drawn crowds from all over the Klang Valley. All the tarts are baked fresh on site and if they run out of tarts, you'll have to wait for a fresh batch to be ready. But it is worth the wait. Trust me. They don't look like much... In fact they look like our typical egg tarts you can find anywhere. But make sure you get the tarts warm and eat it on the spot! Don't bother br

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Desserts, One Utama

When I was living in Singapore, I often frequented Hong Kong food places - they were simply everywhere and had pretty great food at affordable prices. Hong Kong Sheng Kee Desserts is a chain from Singapore, a little piece of my second home had come to my first. And the name of the shop is a bit misleading. You'll be getting far more than desserts at this restaurant. In fact, you'll be treated to dimsum breakfast dishes, typical Chinese lunch fare like noodles and rice as well


Jia Yuan, previously of a different establishment has broken away to do his own thing in Jaya One. The Melbourne-trained chef opened a cosy nook in Jaya One and has decided to call it Fest. The interior is very basic and comfortable with just a hint of a hipster vibe. Look at all the desserts I cannot have ~~~~ Since we dropped by for an early dinner, we decided against coffee but instead went for less caffeinated drinks like locally made Tapping Tapir sodas. The food menu is

Ante @ One Utama

Before I go off waxing lyrical about the place, be forewarned that this post might be a tad biased. Ever since Ante opened its doors in 2012, I have seen many variations of its menu and even named it my favorite restaurant of all time. So, when I found out that Ante would be opening its second branch in One Utama, I was jittery with excitement to visit it. Ante's maiden branch in Publika is the type of place you'd bring your date to get them in the mood for romance, while Ant

The Owls Cafe, Bukit Jalil

Now, I normally don't drive such a long distance just to have coffee and waffles but I've heard rave reviews about the place and I was delivering some goods over to the area anywayyyy so I decided to drop in to The Owls Cafe to give it a try. I am a super huge fan of owls, so naturally this place called out to me and I loved all the decor from the wall murals to the little owl paraphernalia scattered around the shop. WHAT?! How cute is this amiright?! I swear I would have thi

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