Donkey & Crow Irish Pub, TREC KL

What's an entertainment centre without some form of an English pub, right? Donkey & Crow is exactly what TREC KL needs to fill this niche. I've personally never been to Ireland, but I have visited England and Scotland. Having stepped into a few pubs myself in the UK, it's quite typical to find the usual chicken tikka masala (because Indian food is what you must eat when you're drinking), fish and chips (because it's a staple food for the English) and finger food. Donkey & Cro

A Malaysian Foodie's Guide to London

London, baby!!! I was excited to go back to London after two years since my maiden visit there. Of course, the currency had dipped to 5.8 to the pound. That's no where as bad as it is now but I was worried about what I could afford to eat there for two weeks. This foodie guide is in no way a budget guide. I splurged on food and didn't shop much. One must make sacrifices in the name of good food! Borough Market So, my first stop was Borough Market. I had heard great things abo