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Positano Ristorante, Publika

It’s been a long time since a new player for Italian food has stepped onto the scene in Kuala Lumpur. We’ve had quite a number of brands in the country that we're familiar with but we’re glad to see that Positano Ristorante (originating from Singapore) has decided to open its doors in KL. Publika is already inundated with so many restaurants but what sets Positano apart from the rest is not only its stellar halal offerings in Italian cuisine but also its ability to elevate st

Ante Christmas Menu 2018

Our favourite restaurant, Ante is back again with its annual tradition of offering a specialised Christmas menu. This year, Ante One Utama and Ante Publika have elevated its standards in porky goodness by introducing OLIVE PORK. For the Christmas set (RM320 for 4 pax), you get a delightful chestnut salad with ricotta and raspberry vinaigrette, crispy skin smoked duck with peach salsa and 4 sets of olive pork steaks! This is more than reasonable considering the quality and qua

Positano Risto Opens in Publika KL!

Positano Risto, a halal Italian restaurant opened its doors in November of 2017 in Singapore and built a solid reputation amongst the local and muslim community. Almost a year later the owners are confident in opening their first ever international outlet in Malaysia on the 9th of December 2018 at Publika Shopping Mall. Here are some of the Signature dishes that we tasted in Singapore which will be available at the Publika outlet. We started with a Super Supreme Calzone which

The HotPot, Publika

Hotpot, or steamboat, is really one of my favourite things to have. It’s the ultimate comfort food. That’s why when I heard of The HotPot Publika, I had to try it! Disclaimer: It isn’t a buffet hotpot. So leave those expectations at the door. The HotPot is located at a quieter part of Publika (which is actually more accurately known as Solaris Dutamas). If you’re not familiar with the place, it might be hard to find it. But if you’re familiar with the place, it’s really near

Ante’s 2017 Menu Revamp, One Utama & Publika

As long as Ante has been open, it has been one of my favourite restaurants - a praise I bestow upon few establishments. Over the years, there have been a few revisions to the menu. In October 2017 came a new round of dishes in their expansive menu. Some dishes were intriguing, some completely took my breath away. One of the major changes to the menu is that Ante now has a whole new set of side dishes to accompany their superstars - the pork steaks. Here are some of the highli

Cabana Acai Bar, Publika

I am a huge fan of smoothie bowls, acai bowls, all kinds of fruit based bowls! Especially after a workout when I don't feel like having anything too heavy, an acai bowl is actually the perfect post-workout snack or meal. That's why when Cabana opened up in Publika, I just had to try their bowls. You can either choose from their menu of acai bowls or create your own. For a small bowl with one topping, it will only cost you RM12.90. Of course as the size increases and the numbe

Tsubohachi New Menu 2017, Publika

For the month of July, Tsubohachi is celebrating its 2nd year anniversary and will be giving away prizes worth up to RM15,000! It's called the "Fukubiki" contest. Spin for a chance to win. Customers will get a chance to spin with a minimum total bill of RM120 excluding promotional items. The higher the bill, the more chances you get to win. The GRAND PRIZE is trip to Osaka, Japan for 2! Mechanics of the contest: - Period: 1st July to 31st July - Only value of non promotional

Ante x Kedai BLESS: Christmas menu 2016

Tis the season to be jolly! And it's also the season of giving. This festive season, our favourite restaurant, Ante, will be collaborating with local social enterprise Kedai BLESS to bring joy to the underprivileged communities. From now until December 25, Ante will be serving their Christmas menu which will include a starter, main course, dessert and Christmas drinks. For every order off the Christmas menu, Ante will be donating RM2 to Kedai BLESS. On the menu this year is a

Meat the Porkers, Publika

Have you ever walked into a place and thought to yourself, "This place is going to change my life." Well, that's what I thought when I first saw the sign for Fiercer Curry House get taken down and Meat the Porkers eye-catching one go up. Home of Siew Yoke Biryani, reads its tagline below the punny moniker. I knew only good things could come out of that. Who can resist siew yoke and biryani together, you tell me? So, we seized the opportunity to try out this place as soon as i

Okonomi, Publika

The DIY craze started with burgers, moved on to the healthier option of salads and now we can customise sushi, too! It’s only natural that in a day and age where we thrive on instant-gratification and freedom of choice that this culture would carry on into food too. Sushi as it is, is already awesome. But to get to customise it? That’s some next level YAAASSS right there! Okonomi in Publika is where you can go to satisfy your DIY sushi cravings. Make your own sushi and choose

KL Better Beer Festival 2016

The Better Beer Festival is back again for its 5th installation in Publika. Taking over the White Box area as well as the Square, the Better Beer Festival featured some of the best local food, brought to us by Tiffin and of course, craft beers from all around the world. The event was well-organised with special talks and workshops being conducted throughout the day indoors - while you sip on cold brews. I only made it on the second day of the event and found myself among a gr

Châteraisé, Publika

I had chanced upon this while walking around Isetan, One Utama one day but it was already closing hours and they had stopped serving customers. So when I passed by the Publika branch, I knew I had to go in and indulge in some sweet treats. They've got the famous baked cheese tarts here that everyone's been going crazy about recently. Each tart goes for RM7.50 and it's not bad, though I still prefer Tokyo Secret's for some reason. All the beautiful cakes are freshly and direct

ANTE (Publika & 1 Utama)

Ante is the place you want to go when you are craving a good porky meal in Malaysia where good pork restaurants are far and few between. Not only is Ante named the winner of Best Place for Meats by TimeOut KL's Food Awards 2015, they are also purveyors of creative one-of-a-kind dishes like their fusionised Char Siu Curry Cream Pasta! To make sure they stay on top of their food game, Ante goes through a yearly revamp where they introduce new porkylicious dishes to their menu.

Better Beer Festival 2016 adds in a unique twist: food pairing!

The Better Beer Festival returns this year with over 100 unique craft beers. This time, made tastier with a twist - beer-inspired foods! MyBeer and Tiffin bring you the two-day festival on the 7th & 8th October 2016, so cross out those dates on your calendar! Happening in White Box & The Square in Publika, the fifth installment of the annual event boasts craft beers from all over the world – Australia, Japan, USA, England, Scotland, Denmark, Vietnam, Singapore, Belgium and Ne

Tsubohachi Publika: Salmon Fair

Tsubohachi is an informal “gastro-pub” reflective of the Japanese after-work drinking culture. With over 300 chains and half a century worth of history to its name, Tsubohachi hopes to bring forth a genuine feel of the Land of the Rising Sun, in our very own backyard here in Kuala Lumpur. We have been here twice before, to have a taste of their usual fare, as well as one of their seasonal menus. Each time, we were pleased with our visits. This time, Tsubohachi has created a m

Tsubohachi Snow Crab Seasonal Menu, Publika

On my first visit to Tsubohachi, we were fed a lot of the dishes from their grand menu - something that is already spectacular on its own. There's truly something for everyone on that menu. But when they introduced this seasonal snow crab menu, I knew it would be the stuff dreams are made of. Firstly, I'm not a huge seafood eater. But I do eat prawns and crabs and my main gripe about crab is that it takes forever to get the meat out of the shell. And for some reason, I always

Tsubohachi Izakaya @ Publika

Izakayas aren't really new to the Malaysian market but few really appreciate them. Japanese Izakaya culture is an entertainment form where people head to one of these watering holes to enjoy a drink (or two or three) after work with friends and colleagues. Food is not really prominent in the menu, which is primarily made up of alcoholic drinks. At Izakayas, you'll find such a wide array of sakes and other alcoholic beverages that you might be overwhelmed with the choices. But

Slappy Cakes, Publika

It's apparently the perfect opportunity for women and men alike to make phallic-shaped pancakes in public without being judged. As I walked into the cafe/diner like establishment, I saw at least 3 people attempting to draw foot long schlongs. Ironically, the appeal of the pancake art place is targeted towards kids. It's a family-friendly place that encourages creativity amongst children. Each table has its own grill and you can order the flavours of pancake batter as you wish

Cielo Dolci by Whimsical Gelateria, Publika

It isn't my first time seeing this place, obviously. But it's always been so crowded that I never bothered coming until this Deepavali. I've walked past and tried a number of flavours before but my favourite is their matcha Earl Grey. They managed to capture the Earl Grey essence so well in the flavouring. It is also one of the creamier gelatos that I've tried in Malaysia. They also have a really cute interior, making it an easy favourite for them Instagrammers. Since it was

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