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El Cerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Those who used to frequent “Changkat” as far back as the mid to late 2000’s would recognise this mainstay because El Cerdo at Changkat Bukit Bintang has been around since 2005. It is iconic by now, almost hitting its 15th year of operations under the expert guidance of Chef Werner and his highly skilled team. Sporting a cute little pig on its signboard, there’s no doubting its specialty - pork. We started off our meal at El Cerdo with a Caesar salad. Of course, their version

Sushi Tei 25th Silver Jubilee Comeback Menu

I have to admit, Japanese food is my perennial weakness. So, getting invited to try Sushi Tei’s 25th Silver Jubilee menu got me extremely excited. For the celebration, Sushi Tei brought back 25 of its old favourite dishes once more. It does beg the question — why did these tasty dishes get rotated off the menu in the first place? Putting that aside, I was happy to kickstart this Japanese feast with non-other than a generous sashimi platter. The Sashimi Moriawase “Churippu” ($

Fragrant Garden, Upper Serangoon

Inside a shopping mall (that looks like it has never changed since the late 90’s) is a hidden foodie gem probably known only to its loyal customers. It’s not too hard to spot — the Fragrant Garden restaurant was the only lot inside Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre that was bustling with activity. Thanks to Quandoo, I had the chance to try this Teochew style restaurant that’s been around since the 1950s, currently run by its second generation owner. These pork and shrimp rolls

Ho Fook Hei, Great World City

Why travel to Hong Kong when you can have your favourite Cantonese dishes in Singapore? Ho Fook Hei is one such classic home-styled Cantonese restaurant that takes pride in preparing their dishes the traditional, authentic Cantonese way. It's hard to resist an ice-cold drink to quench your thirst. You could go for the herbal cooling Homemade Chilled Dried Longan Drink with Luo Han Guo ($3.50++) to alleviate the “heatiness” that Cantonese dishes usually have. Or, try the Signa

Down To Bones, Taman OUG

Lovers of pork ribs will LOVE Down To Bones, a casual Western eatery at Taman OUG. A bright neon sign welcomes you with the tagline “sek pai guat, hari hari kuat” which roughly translates to “eat ribs, be strong everyday”. I absolutely love the interior of the place, which is a very simple “coffeeshop-like” design with a hint of vintage touches (like an old arcade game at the front and their classic metal stools). The concept here is an open kitchen, which means you get to se

The Butcher's Table, SS2

The Butcher's Table in SS2 (formerly Mr Ho Fine Food) takes over the old Standing Theory lot and serves up the best porky dishes in town

Ante’s 2017 Menu Revamp, One Utama & Publika

As long as Ante has been open, it has been one of my favourite restaurants - a praise I bestow upon few establishments. Over the years, there have been a few revisions to the menu. In October 2017 came a new round of dishes in their expansive menu. Some dishes were intriguing, some completely took my breath away. One of the major changes to the menu is that Ante now has a whole new set of side dishes to accompany their superstars - the pork steaks. Here are some of the highli

The Carvery, Park Hotel Alexandra

Do you love meat? How about an all you can eat experience with said meat? Well, you are in luck because The Carvery at Park Hotel Alexandra has got you covered. With a name like The Carvery, you know you are in for some amazing cuts of meat. This is their second Great Meat Feast they are hosting and this year, they’ve brought even more delicious and juicy cuts from around the world. Get your forks and knives ready, as The Carvery has brought to the table, four different choic

Meat the Porkers, Publika

Have you ever walked into a place and thought to yourself, "This place is going to change my life." Well, that's what I thought when I first saw the sign for Fiercer Curry House get taken down and Meat the Porkers eye-catching one go up. Home of Siew Yoke Biryani, reads its tagline below the punny moniker. I knew only good things could come out of that. Who can resist siew yoke and biryani together, you tell me? So, we seized the opportunity to try out this place as soon as i

A Malaysian's Unbiased Opinion Towards Singapore Food...

The perennial debate over whether Malaysia or Singapore has better food is something that need not exist, in my opinion. Having lived in both countries and tasted food from every level, it is hard to say either country is better in anyway. Just like everything out there, both have its strengths. While I personally believe Malaysia probably fares slightly better for hawker food in general, I believe Singapore easily overtakes Malaysia for specialty dishes chili crabs and chick

Roast Paradise, Old Airport Rd Food Centre

It isn't often you find young hawkers. The trade has seen a sad decline due to the aging population. Without much of the younger generation to take the places of older, tired hawkers, the hawker food trade is at serious risk of being lost to foreign talent and also diminishing quality. But hawker food is so deeply ingrained in the Singapore culture that it would be a waste to see it die off. This is something that Randall and Kai, who run the Roast Paradise hawker stall at th

S.Wine @ Tropicana City Mall

Swine at Tropicana City Mall boasts a classy interior and exterior alike. The interior is adorned with kitschy furniture and leafy trees to give it a very outdoorsy feel. The natural sunlight floods the restaurant, adding to the ambience. A pink wall of porkiness is a tasteful addition to the already beautiful restaurant. The menu is delightful fused between Western and Asian with a tendency towards Thai-inspired dishes. A motto to live by: We started off with a couple of sta

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