Almorzar Kitchen, Damansara Jaya

Established in 2016, Almorzar Kitchen at the mature and evolving Damansara Jaya neighbourhood brings a modern fusion dining experience to diners looking for something special while still maintaining familiar and delicious touches that Asian dishes are known for. As soon as you step into the establishment, you are surrounded by pieces of art carefully placed in the restaurant with every single one telling their own story. Nature is clearly the main theme, in line with their go

Enorme, PJ Centrestage

Plenty of Western restaurants have been popping up in PJ to keep up with the growing demand of the younger generation. In a neighbourhood that was primarily dominated by the older generation and traditional coffee shop food, new establishments have been setting up to revive the food scene. Enorme at PJ Centrestage is one of those places. Head down here for a chilled out vibe and casual dining. The rest of PJ Centrestage is largely unoccupied for the time being, which makes pa

Cafe Capricorn, PJ Old Town

I was just driving around PJ old town area one night, aimlessly, not quite sure what I was doing. I’m sure we’ve all had those nights… anyway, I chanced upon this vintage cafe/furniture shop? I decided to pop in and grab a quick dinner and I was hoping to also get some work done. It was already 7:40pm by the time I entered the cafe and I asked if they were still open. They cheerfully said yes but they’d be closing at 8. I asked if it was okay for me to order food and they hap

The Locker & Loft, Damansara Kim

My first visit to The Locker & Loft, I made a fool of myself because I couldn't find its entrance. Who would have thought a shoddy-looking, battered row of lockers would turn out to actually be a secret door to a place I would consider sui generis as far as bars go? But The Locker & Loft has a remarkable sense of individuality in its interior design. Upon entering the hidden bar, you will find yourself face to face with Paul Dass’ and Deepak Gill’s favourite photograph of wor

The Locker & Loft: Drinks

The Locker & Loft is not exactly what you'd call a speakeasy, but it is a hidden bar. More than just that, it is a gem hiding in the midst of Damansara Kim's famous fish head noodle soup shops. We got to try their food menu but more importantly, we sampled their signature cocktails and new creations. Ahad, who is now my favourite waiter there, is a slick, smooth-talking charmer from Bangladesh who can get me to try any of their dishes when he describes them in his flawless En

Ante, One Utama: New Teatime Menu

By Carmel Dominic When foodievstheworld was invited to review Ante’s brand new high-tea menu at their One Utama branch, we were expecting a three-tiered stand of cakes, assorted finger sandwiches, pastries, scones with jams and maybe some in-house baked cookies accompanied with a pot of tea. But, to our pleasant surprise, this spread was entirely different. There were only 3 plates in front us and for a fraction of a second, I was skeptical about the menu. One plate held Fren