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5 Off the Beaten Track Places You Have to Visit in Western Australia

Despite it being a fair few weeks since we've come home from Western Australia, not a day goes by that I do not think of all the amazing foods we had there. But consumables aside, WA has more to offer than just great eating experiences. 1) Yeagurup Dunes The Yeagurup Dunes was my absolute favourite location. Imagine riding a (super bumpy) 4-wheeled drive through a dense forest, with towering Karri trees and the slimmest of tracks, only for it to open up to the largest expanse

4 Types of Food All Malaysian Foodies Must Try In South of Western Australia

If Western Australia has not been on your bucket list, it's time to put it there. The region around Margaret River has been described as the "Food Bowl of Australia" -- producing more than half the country's fruits, vegetables, meats, seafoods, and wines. There is no doubt that this is the prime place to visit if you really and truly want to taste the best that Australia has to offer. So if you're looking for the best food to try in Western Australia, this is the list for you

Jersey Jack Gelato, Perth

Perth locals will now have access to a new Jersey Jack Gelato outlet as they recently launched their grand opening at Westfield Whitford City, Perth. The grand opening was a wonderland for foodies as Jersey Jack Gelato marks this enchanting occasion by exhibiting their most unique gelato flavours and treats! Fans of this originally Malaysian born outlet were treated to many giveaways throughout the launch week and the first 50 customers to race to the outlet between Thursday

Cake Baby, Perth

Everyone has a preference to either savory, rich or spicy dishes. And then there are those who (just like me!) have a sweet tooth the size of a ship. Even if you're firmly in the sweet-is-better-than-savory camp, it's likely that you have major preferences over what kind of sugary treat is best. Cake Baby, a home based dessert house covers a wide spectrum of all things heavenly, personalised for any occasion. When I was little, my favourite part of attending birthday parties

Pinchos Bar De Tapas, Perth

Any Spaniard will claim their culture represents vibrant eats, good music and long-hour parties. Pinchos is situated in the corner of Leederville, a street that plays host to many of the hottest brunch spots in Perth. Their goal is to keep the menu and setting as authentic as possible while promising affordable prices. Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted with an eye-catching feature wall and exposed brick throughout the fun-sized bar. The Spanish playlist was tempti

Juice Station, Perth

With most of us on-the-go daily, picking up a cold-pressed juice seems like a quicker and more convenient way to add more fruits and vegetables into our lives while reaping the benefits and rewards. Initially, I had questioned these marketers that claim replacing meals with these magic potions are necessary to allow your digestive system to take a break. However, after meeting with Juice Station's owner and hearing her side of the story, I learned to appreciate the goodness o

Nasi Lemak Korner, Mosman Park Perth

"Good food brings back great memories" was what came to mind throughout my visit at the authentic Malaysian-inspired outlet in Mosman Park. Welcoming us outside the restaurant, was a "kampung style" comic mural plastered on the wall, and a Nasi Lemak bungkus icon representing the "A" in Nasi Lemak Korner. Upon entering, we were greeted by two cheery staff and we chose to sit at a cosy area that resembled a tropical rainforest. Not long after, our drinks and starters arrived.

The George, Perth

Strolling the city on a Friday winter's evening with my mates, looking for some simple, home-style comfort food to ease us through the weekend, The George looked welcoming, classy and vintage. Decorated with a full marbled bar and gold-framed mirrors, this was our pick for the night. Located on St. Georges Terrace, smack in the middle of many high-rise office buildings, this outlet generally plays host to after work gatherings amongst colleagues and friends. The staff were wa

Isle of Voyage, Perth

Neighbouring the Swan Bell Tower where Perth's city meets the Swan River, stands Elizabeth Quay, named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II. It is the perfect place to relax, dine and wine in style. Situated towards the centre of the man made island is the Isle of Voyage cafe, which is sister to the popular Sorrento joint Voyage Kitchen. The interior design is stunning, with white high ceilings and rustic looking tables. As it was the perfect weather to catch some sun, we sat outs

Duende Cafe, Perth

Spanish tapas is becoming a trend in many of Perth's food outlets. The eclectic menu of small plates that changes seasonally and relies on fresh ingredients provides diners with an option that is hard to refuse. This style of dining is intimate, somewhat cheaper, there is more variety, and less wastage, said the owner of Duende Cafe when asked why he chooses to serve tapas. Upon arriving at the cafe, we were welcomed by the majestic oval bar that was the centre of attention,

Bombolini da Lena Lu, Perth

Ciao Amici! Just hearing the words Bombolonas, Bombolone or Bombolini could strike out big smiles without even knowing what this is. Wait till you learn, they are Italian filled fried donuts, dusted with sugar, ordinarily in the size of a ping pong ball. And now, Lena Lu who owns the only Bombolini bar in WA, caters these "little pockets full of goodness" in the size of a regular donut! Now how do you feel? Here are some of the varieties of fusion Bombolini's created by Lena

Greenwood Pizza Bar, Perth

The perfect marriage of toppings, pizza dough and buttery melting cheese in your mouth. If you're looking for some quality gourmet pizza in Perth with the above description, you have to try Greenwood's Pizza. Tucked away in the neighbourhood of Greenwood, this family-run take away/delivery shack offers 13 unique variety of pizzas and a selection of sides since its inception in 1986. We were greeted by a group of cheerful staff despite their packed outlet. My family and I brou

Swan Valley Unearthed, ME@OUE

Swan Valley is known for producing some of the best wines in Perth, if not the whole of Western Australia. I was lucky enough to check out what they had to bring to the table here in Singapore, and here are some of my thoughts on the wines I got to try. I started out with the Pinelli Chenin Blanc 2007 (middle), which opens up with an off-dry start, and ends with a fruity and mellow finish. It a good wine, if you are looking to unwind with something light after a long hard day

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