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Kampung Contemporary Dining, Petaling Jaya

Nyonya food is hard to come by. Authentic, delicious nyonya food is even more of a rarity. But from the people who brought you Alison Soup House, comes Kampung Contemporary Dining, which hits the nail on the head with its Nyonya offerings. Giving you a very airy, canteen feel, the Kampung Contemporary Dining experience is meant to be homely and casual. Come with friends and family to enjoy a hearty meal or come in a pair to get an introduction to nyonya cuisine. Of course, an

Hawker Semi-buffet at The Luxe, Shangri-La Orchard

Every hotel has its own buffet spread with its own culinary theme. One that really impressed me (and hotel buffets rarely do), was the semi-buffet over at the Luxe in Shangri-La Orchard that features comforting hawker food. We'll be giving away a $100 voucher to 2 lucky winners this weekend! Be sure to check out our instagram page for details on how to enter the contest! But if you were to come here on your own accord (without vouchers), why would you pay a premium hotel buff

Babajia, SkyAvenue Genting

Photo by Melvin | Babajia Interior Space Over one very food-filled weekend, we attended the 24-hour food trail organised by Resorts World Genting, and we got to try many F&B outlets there. Babajia is one of the restaurants we popped into. Babajia is a lovely local restaurant, serving the best Nyonya fare up in the sky. We got to try two local delights and one of their recommended special drinks while there. Photo by Melvin | Seafood Nyonya Laksa RM23 (RM22 for those who hold

Peranakan Flavours, Tan Quee Lan St

I have been lucky enough to grow up having Peranakan food on a regular basis. It isn’t a common cuisine and even rarer to find a restaurant that serves delicious and traditional Peranakan food. I am so relieved to say that Peranakan Flavours blew me away. Every dish was created with the perfect combination of different flavours that perfectly represent this amazing cuisine. The Kachang Botol Salad ($8) is not your typical starter. It was spicy and a little tangy. The rawness

CreatureS, Desker Road

Having come from some Peranakan background, I am quite picky when it comes to nyonya or Peranakan cuisine. That’s why when I decided to come to CreatureS, I was desperately hoping that the food here would be up to par. Thankfully, they did not disappoint and I can see myself coming back here again. In the interior, the two-storey restaurant spotted a very modern vibe with warm lighting and beautiful flower arrangements. If you don’t mind the location (famed for it being one o

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