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10 O'clock Cookie Bakery Café, Masterton, New Zealand

Awarded as the best bakery in New Zealand (2016), 10 O’clock Cookie Bakery Café has a lot to live up to! Many take a detour through Masterton when travelling through the Wairarapa just to savor their sweet treats. And from my experience, it is 100% worth the effort! And it’s not a very hard place to find, just look for the busiest café on the street! As soon as you enter the bakery, you are greeted with cabinets upon cabinets of deliciousness! Cakes, pastries and cookies fill

Zucchini Bros, Dunedin New Zealand

Italian cuisine is becoming more and more popular, and we have found another goodie in Dunedin. Zucchini Bros, like all great Italian restaurants, specialise in pizza and pasta. Our meal today consisted of two pastas, two pizzas and two desserts. We started off the meal with the chicken, mushroom and crème on penne ($19). The dish was smooth, rich and creamy, packed full of flavour. Mouthwatering! If you are into creamy pastas, this is your go-to! But if you prefer your pasta

Schoc Chocolates, Greytown New Zealand

To all the chocoholics out there, if you are ever planning a road tip around New Zealand you will definitely want to drive through Greytown! A charming chocolate boutique can be found in this quaint settlement just pasts the main row of shops. Keep your eyes peeled for a little orange sign jutting out from the pavement. It lacks the grandeur of Charlie’s chocolate factory, but it is well worth the visit! When you walk in the front door, you are immediately greeted by the rich

Emerson's Brewery Dunedin, Dunedin New Zealand

Don’t let the red brick exterior and tall windows fool you into thinking that it’s a fire station. In fact this sleek minimalistic exterior shell houses a successful local brewery. Not only that, there is also a restaurant, and of course, bar inside too. Upon entering the premises, large glass windows provide a preview to the inner mechanics of the brewery, showing off a labyrinth of interconnecting pipes and silos. And if this is not enough to satisfy your curiosity about th

Ratbags and Innocent Bystander, Dunedin New Zealand

Ratbags and Innocent Bystander is a joint establishment located in the heart of the Dunedin city. Downstairs, Ratbags has the perfect bar environment, while upstairs, Innocent Bystander is set up as a casual dine-in restaurant. Their famously known meter and half-meter long pizzas is what brought us here today. We were seated upstairs, where their dining space is easily transformable to accommodate bigger groups of 10-20 individuals. If you fancy braving the Dunedin night, th

Tourism New Zealand launches new halal food guide

Food is always one of the highlights for any holiday. But if you're Muslim, finding halal eateries overseas in predominantly non-Muslim countries can prove to be a bit of a headache. If you're heading to New Zealand anytime soon, you might want to check out Tourism New Zealand's new culinary tourism guide that was made to meet the needs of Muslim travellers. The guide provides general tourism information together with a list of restaurants and cafes, from halal-certified thro

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