El Mero Mero, Chijmes

"El Mero Mero" – Mexican slang for “the main man” or “the go-to guy”. Just as its name implies, El Mero Mero is the go-to place for authentic Mexican gastronomy. The restaurant opened its doors 5 years ago, but it's recently introduced a sexy new menu showcasing traditional flavour combinations (with a twist on modern food trends). El Mero Mero hopes to educate Singaporeans that Mexican food is not just about tacos and burritos served out of a food truck. Freshly painted wall

Two Chefs Bar Mexican & Italian, Holland Village

One thing I love about Holland Village is its many amazing food across the expansive area. If you can’t decide between having Mexican or Italian food, Two Chefs Bar is the place to go, as they serve both cuisines! Two Chefs Bar is a pretty cozy spot to pop by and enjoy some drinks too. Go crazy and have an Italian entrée with a Mexican main, if you like. Because that’s what we did! For starters, we had the Caprese, which is a very typical Italian entrée dish, featuring slices