A Taste of Jerusalem @ Wild Honey, Mandarin Gallery

Have a taste of authentic Isreali cuisine at Wild Honey at its culinary event, A Taste of Jerusalem, with award-winning Chef Yassi Elad. From 2 November to 7 November 2018, head on down to Wild Honey in Mandarin Gallery to try out the specially curated Mediterranean-influenced menu (from $20 onwards) that features dishes such as The Shakshukit (a deconstructed spiced kebab), Sabich (a breakfast staple featuring fried eggplant), and Musakhan (shredded chicken, sirloin, chilis

Blu Kouzina, Dempsey

Many like me out there I know do not have a good impression of Greek food. Especially if you’ve only been trying out those that are NOT from Greece. When I walked in to Blu Kouzina, I didn’t have high expectations at first. But boy, did this place change my whole perception of Greek food. I suggest that if you’ve had bad Greek food experience elsewhere, do give Blu Kouzina a try and I’m quite certain that it will change your mind. I’m not sure how a typical Greek restaurant w