What to do in Langkawi: Upsidow House & Food Court

You know when you were younger, you would always enjoy holidays that involved going to some kind of attraction and spending the day there, going on fun rides and taking photos? I think for some parts of my teenagehood, during the darkest days of rebellion, I rejected the idea of going anywhere that involved taking any photos. But as time went on and I entered adulthood, I missed that part of childhood that allowed me to release my inhibitions and just... have fun. I was remin

Tapaz, Langkawi

Before I start the full review of this place, I have two words for you: BEER ATM. Yes, that's right, the owner of Tapaz is planning on installing a beer ATM soon next door to Tapaz. Okay, let's get right into it now. The first time I visited Tapaz was about three years ago, I believe. It was when I visited Langkawi with my friends and also stayed at Tubotel. The owner, Alex Mark, invited us for a meal at Tapaz and it was a meal I couldn't forget for years. So when we we told

Tubotel Langkawi: A destination hotel worth travelling to

I believe I have only ever been to Langkawi three times in my life. Once as a teen with my family, once a couple years back over the Raya holidays with some close friends and the most recent trip with my fiance and best friend. Each time was a vastly different experience. As a teen, I wanted to try alcohol and my mother indulged me the privilege of underage drinking just to void the novelty. Going with friends, we wanted to have a good time and we spent most of our money o

Red Tomato, Langkawi

When I recently went to Langkawi for a quick 3D2N getaway, I decided that I wanted to explore more food options to see what was available. The previous trips to Langkawi, there was little opportunity to explore much. So this time, I made it a point to visit all the top spots in Langkawi and of course, Red Tomato had to be at top of that list. Anyone who has been to Langkawi and the Pantai Cenang area will be familiar with Red Tomato. The brand has been around for decades and