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Bibimbap, Glasgow

Photo by Samad | Bibimbap facade So recently in Glasgow, we've been experiencing very cold winters and even heavy snow fall, to the point that the whole country seems like it's shut down. For me, when it's freezing outside, I often look for hearty meals that can warm me up, which means I'll be looking for spicy soups, and lots of it! Glasgow, being a small-to-medium sized city itself, has plenty of foodie spots to choose from, however the selections of Asian cuisines still

Soul food in Seoul and Jeju at The Shilla

As temperatures cool down, warm up to a selection of special seasonal menus at The Shilla Seoul and The Shilla Jeju. Showcasing the freshest fall ingredients across various dining outlets, guests can indulge in the heartwarming flavors of this season. Following renowned French pâtissier Philippe Contincini’s visit this month, The Shilla Seoul will welcome Chef Christian Le Squer from three Michelin-starred Le Cinq in Paris. Epicureans can look forward to the Parisian Gastron

Top 11 must-try food in Seoul

If you’re planning a trip to Seoul, like I have recommended in my previous post on the city, I believe winter is a great time to go, especially if you’re coming from a tropical country like Malaysia or Singapore. We experience hot weather enough in our home countries that getting exposed to some winter weather once in a while is a nice treat. It’s also the best time to go because you will have an appetite that is always raring to go! Cold weather makes you hungry and you need

Nami Island in Winter: the best time to visit Seoul

If you're heading to Seoul during the winter, on top of the typical shopping and food hunting you will enjoy in the freezing cold, something you can look forward to is a visit to beautiful Nami Island. Many head to the Nami Island in winter for photo ops with the Winter Sonata sculptures and if you're visiting in autumn, the foliage is a stunning landscape to enjoy. But winter is gorgeous in a whole other way. Also, because you will have to queue up to get onto the ferry to c

Autograph Collection Hotels Debuting in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Korea

Already planning your holidays for next year? Here are some new hotels from the Autograph Collection Hotels that will be debuting. 1. The Shanhaitian Resort Sanya, China Located in the Da Dong Hai Bay area of the Sanya region on China’s Hainan island, the hotel is built along beautiful shorelines of pristine white sand, crystal clear waters and stunning vistas. The Da Dong Hai beach is a tropical paradise that is also located close to the city centre, making it convenient for

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