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Start junior on a healthy diet with Juice Works

Did you know that Malaysia has one of the highest obesity rate in Asia, with 45.3% of the population being obese? That's a frightening number! In 2014, findings from the British medical journal, The Lancet showed that 49% of our women and 44% of our men were obese. What's more worrying is that obesity among children in Malaysia these days is also on the rise. We must start planning early awareness programmes or interventions to help set our children on healthier nutritional

You know the vegan trend isn't going anywhere when even juice has tofu in it now

I've seen a number of my friends embrace the vegan lifestyle over the past couple of years and while I am not ready to fully take on that commitment just yet, it is interesting to see how the food and beverage scene has evolved to include vegan options now. Of course, Juiceworks has always been really vegetarian/vegan friendly, since all the drinks are made out of natural ingredients anyway... But they're introducing a new line of drinks that incorporate tofu in them. I am a

Delicious dieting for diabetes

Frequently consuming food rich in sugar and carbohydrates can usually cause one's blood sugar or glucose levels to increase, which can lead to diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most rampant diseases in Malaysia among adults. Diabetics usually refrain from eating large meals that may contains rice, pasta, sugar and desserts - unclean carbs. One of the most delicious and easiest way to include healthy food into their diets is through eating fresh vegetables and fruits, that are

Juice Works: A fresh way to fight cancer

Juice Works Malaysia, in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, has launched its "Juice Works Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign" to highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy dietary lifestyle by consuming fruits and vegetables. While exercising and partaking healthy activities are important, one should also ensure that the body ingests proper and optimal nutrition that can help build strength and boost the immune system. This is especially vital for cancer

Juice Works: Wondrous ways with wheatgrass

Who would've thought, of all the superfoods out there, the most remarkable one is a little green grass - wheatgrass! Packed full with health benefits that helps to fights free radicals ravaging our bodies, it is a natural source of vitamins A, C, E, K and B; minerals and enzymes including iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc and amino acids. Juice Works is the first in Malaysia to offer pure and wholesome wheatgrass that are freshly harvested and juiced on the spot upon

Juice Works launches a revitalised menu

Juice Works Malaysia has launched its colourful new menu that is chockfull of tempting tastes and fabulous flavours. Expect to find these and much more on the vivid new menu available at every kiosk: Supergreen Hero SUPERGREEN HERO – this truly superb drink fuels the busiest superheroes in your life and includes spinach, honey, jackfruit, coconut water and coconut milk, and finished with a dab of creamy, yummy vanilla ice cream that’s low fat of course! Pineapple Colada PINEA

6 Gym Junkie Must Haves at Juiceworks

After my gym time, I'm typically rather dehydrated and looking for a drink or two to replenish my lost nutrients. And no, I don't mean an alcoholic drink. So, quite often, I turn to Juiceworks to get my post-gym session treat. Since I don't always have my protein shakes with me (like when I have spontaneous gym dates), this is an extremely convenient way to fill my tummy. Here are 6 of my favourite Juiceworks drinks to have at Juiceworks after a good workout: 1. Digesta Aid T

Healthy Juices at Juice Works

Ever since I started working out again and watching my intake, I have been on the hunt for healthy alternatives to all of my usual snacks and midday treats. With the recent scorching heat and fast-changing weather, my immune system has also been hit. And since I am not the type to binge on vitamins, I prefer taking my vitamins through food and drink. Also since I am not a huge vegetable and fruit eater, I tend to lean towards ordering juices when I am out to replace my usual

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