Mrs Who, Johor Bahru

Mrs Who has easily become one of our favourite joints when we’re in JB for its clean aesthetics, really well streamlined menu and top quality food. The owner apologised for the lack of variety in the menu, but if anything, we find this to be one of our favourite things about the place. Minimalist is the theme here across the board, hosting earthy greens and plenty of wood. You’ll feel right at home here as staff are friendly and the entire place exudes a welcoming vibe. Mrs W

Red Bow Cafe, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Nusajaya JB

Here's a little known fact (to some) about me: I *used* to love Hello Kitty very much. I say used to because the love has probably dwindled to a like as I've grown out of it. But some part of me will always have a fondness towards the mouthless cat. So obviously when I was visiting JB, I had to drop by Sanrio Hello Kitty Town but I was also pleasantly surprised to find a Hello Kitty themed cafe at the premises. We stopped by for a quick snack and had a couple of lattes. It's

Shakespeare Milkshakes + Full Wolves Board Games, Johor Bahru

Much like steamboat on a rainy day, ice cream on an extra hot day seals the deal! This was the case for us when we stopped by to check out Shakespeare Milkshakes. On a scorching hot Saturday afternoon, we made our way to Shakespeare Milkshakes, just a stone's throw away from The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen. True to its name, the menu consisted of a concise but unique list of milkshakes that were creamy and delicious. Downstairs is where the magic happens for the milkshakes an

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, Johor Bahru

Hotel Jen is really the place to be if you're visiting JB from Singapore or KL. The weekend we decided to drive down to JB, Hotel Jen was bustling with families and travellers from both major cities. It's no surprise that this hotel is one of the more popular ones - just look at that stunning view of Puteri Harbour. We were privileged enough to be invited for a tasting session of their menu - just a few dishes to sample. Our menu for the evening was specially curated by the c

The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen: Night at Replacement Dinner Tapas

For a while now, The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen has been known for their brunch menu, commanding strong crowds, often with many needing to queue to enter the gorgeous cafe during peak hours. There's no surprise there because not only is the cafe blessed with natural lighting, the food and drinks are spectacular. Not to mention, every nook and cranny of the place has been thoughtfully decorated to pique every Instagrammer's fancy. But in an equally gorgeous setting is Night a