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Apple Samgyupsal, Jaya One

Korean BBQ. You try one, you’ve tried it all, right? WRONG. Apple Samgyupsal at Jaya One is unlike its competitors. The new Korean BBQ place offers delicious street food beyond its meaty goodness. What’s so special about Apple Samgyupsal? First, it’s about the premium cuts that this Korean BBQ place offers. Rather than the typical cuts you get, you get more premium, delicious cuts here. Though we weren’t told exactly what these premium cuts were, the flavours in the meat at

Brasaria, Jaya One

The next time you're looking for a casual dining spot with (semi) clean eats, you might want to Waze yourself to Brasaria. With their roasted charcoal chicken and irresistible aji sauces, you're in for one helluva Peruvian treat. And you get the cutest llama in town greeting you at the front door too! The concept here is simple - it's good, authentic Peruvian food. And no, don't mistake this to be like Nando's! Yes, it may seem similar, but they are worlds apart. Firstly, the

Streat Thai, Jaya One

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Jaya One's The School is a street (or should I say Streat) Thai joint that is the perfect hangout spot for a casual night out. The restaurant is open-aired, breezy and has a large projector screen that is perfect for watching live sports matches! Not only does Streat Thai have an incredibly extensive menu, but judging from the number of Thai customers, the food is authentic too! It is also pork-free. All 15 chefs here are from different Thai p


Jia Yuan, previously of a different establishment has broken away to do his own thing in Jaya One. The Melbourne-trained chef opened a cosy nook in Jaya One and has decided to call it Fest. The interior is very basic and comfortable with just a hint of a hipster vibe. Look at all the desserts I cannot have ~~~~ Since we dropped by for an early dinner, we decided against coffee but instead went for less caffeinated drinks like locally made Tapping Tapir sodas. The food menu is

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