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Aomori Fair @ Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe

Japanese cuisine is intricate, meticulous and has a wide variety of dishes and flavour profiles depending which region its from. Last year, Sun with Moon launched the Aomori fair and had an overwhelming response from the Singapore publicans, hence they have brought if back for the 2nd time showcasing its best regional delicacies. The star of this year's menu is the Apios Americana - a legume plant with edible tubers that is one for the top 3 superfoods in the world! Sun with

Tsukiji No.8, Kuala Lumpur

"If locals eat there, it must be good!" These wise words certainly rang true for Tsukiji No.8, who had a large table of Japanese-speaking patrons enjoying their meal as we walked into the quaint Japanese restaurant. It was as if we were transported to Tokyo, with Tsukiji No.8's wait staff bringing dish after dish of fresh Japanese seafood, as if it was fresh from the Tsukiji Market itself! One of the highlights was the Ebi Tempura (RM38) that was beautifully plated and featur

Sushi Tei 25th Silver Jubilee Comeback Menu

I have to admit, Japanese food is my perennial weakness. So, getting invited to try Sushi Tei’s 25th Silver Jubilee menu got me extremely excited. For the celebration, Sushi Tei brought back 25 of its old favourite dishes once more. It does beg the question — why did these tasty dishes get rotated off the menu in the first place? Putting that aside, I was happy to kickstart this Japanese feast with non-other than a generous sashimi platter. The Sashimi Moriawase “Churippu” ($

Teppan Kappou Kenji, Tanjong Pagar

When you think of good food in Tanjong Pagar, Japanese cuisine comes to mind. But Teppan Kappou Kenji wants to stand out from the rest with fresh seasonal ingredients directly important from Japan. The establishment is the brainchild of Chef Kenji Okumura, a master of Kaiseki dining with decades of experience. He honed his skills under the master chef at the illustrious Nadaman Japanese Restaurant in Nagoya Tokyu Hotel. We had the opportunity to try Chef Kenji’s 8 course Omak

Kohaku Tendon, Suntec City, Eat at Seven

As the harsh winter season in Japan ebbs away, one would eagerly anticipate the lush greenery, a harbinger of spring which unveils the umami ingredients hidden in the snow. This year at Suntec City’s Eat at Seven, Kohaku Tendon’s attempt to unify these harvests and highlight spring results in their latest fruition of their seasonal special: the Spring Tendon ($18++). The Spring Tendon is a bountiful gather of usual Japanese staples such as prawns, chicken and mushrooms pres

HIRYŪ, Tanjong Pagar

Nestled in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, HIRYŪ, is one of the latest additions to the stretch of shophouses along Tras Street. Narrow yet cosy, a lot of thought has been put into HIRYŪ by Chef Raymond Tan, from the details of furnishings right down to the furniture to deliver a grandiose façade of a modern Japanese sushi restaurant. The main entrance of HIRYŪ. HIRYŪ has two floors with two private rooms on the second level. While they do accept walk-ins for lunch, it is most a

Lucky Tora, Jalan Mesui

As 2018 comes to an end, we reminisce at the awesome year we spent sampling delicious and creative dishes that the Malaysian F&B scene had to offer. And dare I say, this has to be one of the best restaurants we have visited this year. Lucky Tora is not your average Japanese restaurant. This new fusion-yakitori joint that opened its doors in Changkat Kuala Lumpur back in November 2018 offers modern-Japanese cuisine that is both unique and delicious at the same time. While the

Genki Sushi, Sunway Pyramid

Genki Sushi might look familiar to you. The yellow logo is striking and recognisable a mile away. Those who are veterans in the foodie scene will remember that the brand used to be in Malaysia many years back. Today, it is making its reentrance into the Malaysian food scene bigger, better and bolder! Genki Sushi comes fully equipped with a digital menu (just scan the QR code at your table and it’ll pop up on your phone screen) and an impressive three track Kousoku Express tha

Alma by Juan Amador, Goodwood Park Hotel

With their third anniversary, Alma by Juan Amador is introducing a slew of brand new dishes with their set menus at attractive prices. There is no denying the exquisiteness and quality in their dishes that earned them a Michelin Star three years in a row, I did go in with very high expectations. Before we start, I wanted to give a quick mention of Executive Chef Haikal. We learned that Chef was in a life-changing accident in 2015 that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe, Wheelock Place

When I saw Sun with Moon, I wondered if Drogo and Daenerys (from Game of Thrones, of course) had started a restaurant. My thoughts: This would be what they name it. Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe has absolutely nothing to do with Game of Thrones but I hope that I’ve got your attention now. Sun with Moon's revamped 2018 grand menu features brand new dishes and new spins on some of their popular dishes, continuing to entice diners with a mix of traditional and modern Japa

Kintsugi Robatayaki, Petaling Jaya

I walked into Kintsugi Robatayaki thinking it will be just another typical Japanese restaurant, but boy was a wrong. Kintsugi is far from traditional, the team of cooks have transformed Japanese cuisine into a modern masterpiece that is unpredictable and exciting. I love that they named this robatayaki restaurant Kintsugi, which is translated as "golden repair". Kintsugi is a Japanese artform where they repair broken pottery with lacquer dusted with gold, making it beautiful

Kouzu, Bangsar

As you enter the corner lot in which Kouzu sits, you are greeted by a large dragon. It is not a scary dragon, but rather one that is beautifully painted on a stretch of Kouzu's wall. It sits next to paintings of Mount Fuji, Sakura flowers, koi fish and a geisha. The spectacular graffiti wall certainly does make an impression, and it sets the tone of Kouzu being artistically modern while still holding onto Japanese culture. Opened just a month ago, Kouzu is the latest Japanese

Hanare, The Intermark Mall

Photo by Samad | The entrance of Hanare​ Imagine walking along the streets of Osaka, looking for that fancy omakase you've been dying to try after watching the Food Network television series about Japanese traditional cuisines. Don't you wish you can find a place like that in Kuala Lumpur? Well, hello, you're in luck! Hanare at The Intermark Mall will offer you the same experience you've been dying to have! We were invited to try out their set menus for dinner recently a

Kushikatsu Tanaka, Clarke Quay

Kushikatsu Tanaka is a well celebrated kushikatsu chain and one of the biggest in Japan that boasts over 165 outlets. Their golden kushikatsu has won the hearts (and stomachs!) of many diners in Japan and they are sure to win yours to as they open their first outlet in Singapore. Let us start with the main stars of the show, their crispy kushikatsu. Each kushikatsu is priced between $1 to $2.50, which is incredibly affordable. Their special batter and cooking method makes sur

Tamoya Udon (Dry Series), Liang Court

Tamoya Udon has released a brand-new set of tossed udon series, not only are they delicious but they definitely fun to eat! We would definitely suggest coming together with your group of friends or family to see who can toss the ribbons of noodles the highest We started out of the Oooh-mami Udon ($10.80). If you love seafood this is definitely for you, get ready for a burst of seafood the moment you bite into this udon. I highly recommend adding some tempura crumbs if the sea

Gyutetsu Teppanyaki, Sizzling Hot Stone - Japan Foods Garden, Shaw Center

Tucked away in a cozy corner of Shaw Centre, Japan Foods Garden is a cluster of stalls managed and lead by Japanese, who aims to bring you authentic flavours of Japan at affordable prices. And there isn’t a better time to visit as they introduce a brand-new teppan range at Gyutetsu Teppanyaki, as well as sizzling hot stone dons at their new stall, Sizzling Hot Stone. Lets start off at Gyutetsu with their new signature dish, the Lemon Steak ($18.80). Streaks of Angus beef gril

Tonkatsu Anzu @ 4F The Table, Isetan the Japan Store

If you're looking for a new and authentic tonkatsu experience, look no further as Tonkatsu Anzu has set up its shop @ 4F The Table, Isetan The Japan Store in Kuala Lumpur. Anzu is a brand associated from the Fukuoka region in Japan, specialising in all things tonkatsu (Japanese deep-fried pork fillet). Known for its quality, they only use carefully selected premium Sangen pork belly that is aged for 7 days, breaded and cooked at an extreme temperature of 160 degrees Celsius.

Shima, Goodwood Park Hotel

I first found out about kaiseki watching Chef’s Table on Netflix so I was thrilled when I got the chance to experience it at Shima. The menu was curated by Chef Hoshiba Fumihiko, who has 40 years of culinary experience and often regarded as one of the best kaiseki chefs in Hokkaido. Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese meal that dates back centuries. Modern incarnation draws from several traditional Japanese haute cuisine, focusing on creating balance in taste, text

Yakiniku Toraji, Isetan The Japan Store

Having heard so much about the interesting items (with eye-popping price tags!) you can find at Isetan The Japan Store, not much buzz was on the food there. So when I discovered we were invited to dine at Yakiniku Toraji, I jumped at the chance to be on the premium restaurant floor called The Table. 'Yakiniku' is a Japanese term for grilled meat and as its name suggest, Yakiniku Toraji serves grilled meat in generous thick cuts. It is a Korean-Japanese fusion restaurant that

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