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Kota88 Restaurant @ East Coast Road

It is rare in Singapore to find authentic Chinese-Indonesian food, yet we found a restaurant that meets that exact criteria and smashes all our expectations out of the park. All the way from Glodok, Jakarta's Chinatown, Blue Waves Food Empire brings you a brand new concept boasting a solid mix of Chinese and traditional Indonesian influences. The restaurant is a mishmash of concrete, traditional coffee shop tables and colourful paintings of indo-chinese women on the walls, wh

JTown, Midpoint Orchard

There are few places I actually go to repeatedly in Singapore for comfort food. One of them is JTown. The small establishment hidden away in a corner of Midpoint Orchard is one of Orchard's hidden gems. Serving up casual Indonesian fare at incredibly affordable prices, JTown is consistently packed with Indonesians living in Singapore, looking for a fix of their local cravings. Their signature dish is a bakmie, simple hawker style noodles served with small cubes of chicken, mu

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