Café Montigo, The Star Vista

Montigo Resorts is an award-winning upscale hospitality brand in Indonesia. Its main philosophy is to create an ideal destination for all generations. With the same ethos in mind, Café Montigo is their first full-fledged café that opened in Singapore. We started off with some interesting drinks. From the left, we have the Malted Malteser Shakeroo ($8.00), it wasn’t so sweet but definitely very creamy. Next, the Tilo Avocado Espresso ($9.50). I love both a good avocado milksha

Ikan Bakar Cianjur, Batam

Indonesia is full of pleasant food surprises, if you know where to look. Indonesia is known for their Ikan Bakar, which translates to grilled fish in English and is one of my favourite dishes to enjoy whenever I am in Indonesia. We headed to Batam, the Indonesian island that's closest to home and easily accessible with a ferry ride over at Harbourfront. We took the Batam Fast ferry from the Harbourfront Cruise Centre, and they have some of the most attractive fares that you c

JTown, Midpoint Orchard

There are few places I actually go to repeatedly in Singapore for comfort food. One of them is JTown. The small establishment hidden away in a corner of Midpoint Orchard is one of Orchard's hidden gems. Serving up casual Indonesian fare at incredibly affordable prices, JTown is consistently packed with Indonesians living in Singapore, looking for a fix of their local cravings. Their signature dish is a bakmie, simple hawker style noodles served with small cubes of chicken, mu