Chachara, Seminyak Bali

When you visit Bali, you don't expect to eat Spanish food and have it be the best damn Spanish meal you've ever had in your life. But that's exactly what happened when we visited Chachara in Seminyak. First of all, I just have to say, I am so impressed with all the effort gone into turning Chachara into the perfect little hidden chill out spot right in the heart of Seminyak. I love the interior and the way they have done up the place. We chose to sit outdoors, facing the cute

TIIGO, 24-Hour Restaurant In Seminyak

One of my favourite things about staying at Montigo Resort, Seminyak Bali, is that right on the property is TIIGO, a 24-hour food establishment. Yup, that’s right. 24 hours, 7 days a week, you get to enjoy the food here at TIIGO. And we experienced odd hour dining on two separate occasions here. Once was having breakfast at 6AM before going off for our dives. The second experience was a dinner set menu at 9PM. This was one of my best meals in Bali and most certainly the best

TIIGO, Seminyak

Our first meal upon arriving in the nicer part of Seminyak was at Montigo Resort’s TIIGO. Here is where outsiders are welcome to dine at the restaurant or enjoy the pool. (The resort also has 2 other private pools for guests only.) We loved the tropical vibes of the place and couldn’t wait to taste some of the best local fare TIIGO had to offer. Once you sit down, you’re offered bread with herbed butter and a tomato salsa. I ordered a watermelon juice to start the meal with.

Fishbone Local, Canggu Bali

When we went to Bali recently, we decided to go to different districts of the island. One of the districts that we stumbled across was Canggu. That is where we found this treasure - Fishbone Local. Fishbone Local might seem like a pretty hectic bar from the outside, with crowds seated at tables around the vicinity and loud music playing. But once you step in, you'll see that it's actually quite an oasis. A paradise amidst all the partying in Bali. They've got this amazing gra

Hujan Locale, Ubud Bali

We rented a car in Bali so we could drive to Ubud and enjoy the day there. This turned out to be quite the adventure. After the one hour journey to Ubud, we found ourselves in a bustling, busy area and it was a challenge to find parking. But once we found parking, we enjoyed the cool breeze as we walked to the heart of Ubud, where the art market is. That’s where we found Hujan Locale, a sanctuary tucked away in one of the side streets. Downstairs, an old world vintage charm w

Montigo Resorts Seminyak Spa

When you imagine getting a massage at a resort or hotel, you don’t expect a treatment with such authenticity of Montigo Resorts, Seminyak’s Spa. Firstly, keeping to its Balinese roots, the spa has put its focus on Balinese elements in its interior as well as traditional Balinese treatments. What I like about the spa is that they make their own oils for treatment, which means they know exactly what is going into the products used on your skin. You can ask the knowledgeable sta

Montigo Resorts Seminyak, Bali

It’s been a very long time since my last visit to Bali - about 12 years to be exact. And my last memory of it was Kuta Beach, quiet and peaceful after the unfortunate Bali bombing in 2005. Coming back to Bali again after so long was like visiting the place for the very first time. I didn’t know what to expect. Especially since this time, we would be staying in Seminyak, rather than Kuta. We were graciously hosted by Montigo Resorts Seminyak during our stay in Bali and man, wh

Bilbao Brasserie, Bandung Indonesia

We were recently in Bandung for 5 days, making Tim’s wedding suit and doing some shopping. Of course, like any of our trips, we love to hunt for good food and cafes locally to try out. One of the places we stumbled upon when doing our research is Bilbao Brasserie. We fell in love with their Instagram feed and just had to pay a visit to the pretty cafe. You will feel totally transported to a different place upon entering Bilbao. You leave behind the insane traffic and enter an

February At Montigo Resorts

It's the month to celebrate love and new beginnings. It is the month that loved ones gather from near and far to be together during the festive season. It is also one of the best months to start travelling in the year. Start the new year off with a bang by visiting Montigo Resorts (at Nongsa and Seminyak) for exciting February offers like: Chinese New Year Promotions - o Montigo Resorts, Nongsa: fireworks display at TIIGO Beach Club and DJ party on CNY Eve, cute dog-shaped

Eska Wellness Spa Massage and Salon, Batam

Seafood, Shopping and Spa are the 3S you look forward to when you plan for a trip to Batam and that's exactly what I have done. Speaking of planning a trip to Batam, you can definitely plan your trip ahead by securing your ferry ride back and forth through Batam Fast, where they have some of the best prices in town. This is can also be done online right here so you can skip the queue to buy your tickets. After I got off the ferry, I went down for lunch for some amazing seafoo

Christmas and New Year's Eve at Montigo Resorts

It's the happiest time of the year, especially for us at foodievstheworld because we absolutely love Christmas food! Christmas set menus showcase an establishment's ability to combine tradition and modernity. That's exactly what Montigo Resorts Nongsa and Seminyak are able to do. Plus they have a stellar lineup of exciting things to look out for during this festive season. What better way to usher in the New Year than by the sea, right? Who can even resist such a beautiful pl

Ikan Bakar Cianjur, Batam

Indonesia is full of pleasant food surprises, if you know where to look. Indonesia is known for their Ikan Bakar, which translates to grilled fish in English and is one of my favourite dishes to enjoy whenever I am in Indonesia. We headed to Batam, the Indonesian island that's closest to home and easily accessible with a ferry ride over at Harbourfront. We took the Batam Fast ferry from the Harbourfront Cruise Centre, and they have some of the most attractive fares that you c

Turi Beach Resort, Batam

Strategically located between Nongsapura Ferry Terminal and Hang Nadim Airport, Turi Beach Resort is one of many lodging options to consider, when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Batam Fast offers some of the best ferry fares between Singapore to Batam, and you can also take a trip from Tanah Merah to Nongsa on one of their many scheduled timings. The best way to do this would be to book online, have a look at some of the attractive prices here!

What to do in Semarang: 9 must-do activities in Semarang

Most travellers wouldn’t have heard of Semarang. Certainly not as a destination. But if you’re looking for something a little different for your year-end trip, this little transit town is a destination worth considering. So we've put together a list of what to do in Semarang in this article. Recently many of my friends have been asking me where they should visit in Southeast Asia. With the weak Ringgit, Thailand has become expensive. Singapore is out of the question. Cambodia

Qunci Villas, Lombok, Indonesia

Qunci Villas is a beachfront, boutique hotel that is perfect for couples. It is a quiet and relaxing resort that boasts three infinity pools and direct access to the pristine Senggigi Beach. The grounds and villas are a delightful mix of modern art and traditional Indonesian architecture. And while walking on the hotel grounds, you will be greeted by friendly staff with a smile and a 'hello'. I had such an incredible stay at Qunci Villas, so I just had to share my experience.

Greenhost Boutique Hotel, Yogyakarta

Nowadays, when we search for hotels to stay in, while price does play a small part of our criteria, we also look at many other aspects like location, accessibility, Instagram-worthiness and to a certain extent, sustainability. Hotels have long been laden with wastage. But this is something Greenhost Boutique Hotel hopes to change. It hopes to lessen its waste and encourage healthy, sustainable practices through its establishment. From what we’ve seen so far, it has. The first

Jambuluwuk Malioboro, Yogyakarta

One of our very last stops in Yogyakarta was the famous shopping street, Malioboro. No trip to Yogyakarta is complete without at least stepping foot once onto the bustling, chaotic street where vendors peddle their mass produced goods with a smile. I love shopping in Indonesia because the people are much friendlier to deal with than the locals back home. Before our last night in Yogyakarta, we had been shying away from this district, often finding ourselves off the beaten pat

Plataran Heritage Borobudur Hotel: The Perfect Honeymoon Hotel

When you decide to marry the person you're going to spend the rest of your life with, it's a huge decision. One that shouldn't be taken lightly. It's also one that comes with a lot of happiness and certainty. With equal happiness and certainty, you sign the papers and sail off into the sunset. Or fly off to your honeymoon. For me, things were a little less conventional. I've never been a very conventional person to begin with - I always danced to my own tune. My marriage seem

Dusun Jogja Village Inn, Yogyakarta

When I was doing research on beautiful hotels in Yogyakarta, Dusun Jogja Village Inn was one of the top results. We were looking for a place that was close to the action but still quiet enough that we could enjoy a romantic getaway. In fact, I’d start off by saying this is a great hotel for couples to enjoy a retreat. One of my favourite features here at Dusun Jogja Village Inn is definitely the pool. If it’s your first time coming to Yogyakarta, you’ll know that it’s incredi

Cruise to Indonesia with new ferries from Singapore Cruise Centre

So the Hari Raya holidays are coming up pretty soon and those of you who aren't celebrating, why not plan a getaway to some of Indonesia's beautiful islands? Singapore Cruise Centre (SCC) is introducing Majestic Fast Ferry's latest ferry that will travel to and from SCC's HarbourFront and Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore, Batam Center and Sekupang terminals in Batam, as well as Tanjung Pinang in Bintan. Travel in style with the Majestic Dream! Bigger and better, it can