Saychiizu, Mid Valley Megamall

Grilled. Cheese. Sandwich. The ultimate midnight snack. So simple, yet so so so satisfying. We can all safely say that there’s definitely been several occasions where we’ve all crept to the fridge in the wee hours of the night and silently rejoiced as we managed to scrounge together the three basic ingredients to late night happiness; bread, butter, and a whole lot of cheese. Never a disappointing snack. But our home cooking can only take us so far. When we heard about a shop

The Hitsuji Club, Circular Rd

Helmed by 29 year old Eiji Yoshida, this 20-seater restaurant serves premium lamb at affordable prices. The Hitsuji Club is located along Circular Road and is proud to announce the launch of its one-for-one menu promotion! Right here at the Hitsuji Club, experience jingisukan -- a Japanese lamb dish prepared on a metal skillet, which is particularly popular in Hokkaido. We got right into their Premium Jingisukan Set ($45), which comes with a delectable array of lamb fillet, l