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Recipe: Roast Chicken & Leftover Sandwich

I'm sure everyone is staying home and being safe during this Covid-19 period and if you are thinking of what to whip up in your kitchen during this period, here are some easy meal plans! Liz's Roast Chicken Serves 2 | Prep time: 20 mins Ingredients for Marinade: - 2 pieces of Chicken Maryland - 1 tablespoon of Honey - 1 tablespoon of Paprika - 1 tablespoon of Seedy Mustard - 1/2 a lemon, sliced thinly - 1 tablespoon of olive oil - 1 teaspoon of chilli flakes (for extra heat,

YOLO, Icon Village 2

YOLO has been around for quite some time (we even paid them a visit back in December 2017) but we found out they have a lot of new stuff brewing in their kitchen, so we were eager to pay them another visit. Why YOLO? Founder Alexis Bauduin says it’s because “you only live once”, so you should be eating tasty food. But because “you only live once”, you should be watching your health as well. That’s how, “cool”, healthy food was born — your favourite meals given a healthier twi

Waterbath Chef, West Coast Plaza

In the city of Singapore where there is an abundance of local and an international food available in almost every nook and corner, it can be difficult at times to stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is not difficult to find healthy food in this city but it would be a bonus to come across a solid establishment serving up a delicious wholesome meal. Waterbath Chef just opened its doors in January 2018 with the aim of shaping and helping the community live a clean and heal

La Juiceria Superfoods Signature, Nadi Bangsar

La Juiceria’s new outlet in Nadi Bangsar is seriously on-point! I am in love with their stunning chrome and marble details, neon signs, lush greenery and lots of natural light. It is perfect for a business meeting, lunch with family, or just a casual get-together with friends. It also features an adorable play area for young foodies to entertain themselves. Having opened its doors only on January 1, La Juiceria Superfoods Signature has already garnered quite the crowd. It is

YOLO, Icon Village

Within walking distance to offices in Tanjong Pagar, YOLO is one of the few restaurants where they have designed their menu to cater to everyone. Literally. While they are a Halal establishment, they also offer healthy and tasty meals catering to market segments with other dietary preferences such as dairy-free and gluten-free. And not just that! They also have different sets of meals pre-designed based on nutritional principles, depending on what your diet is. Whether you ar

Superfudo, Holland Village

I don’t know about you, but I always have an issue picking out what to eat after a work out. I would want my work out for the day to be fruitful and not binge on something sinful. Here’s where Superfudo comes in! Serving you healthy, yet yummy food that minus all the guilt. They have a huge array of vegetables and meat for you to create your own meal. Also, all their meat here are cooked sous-vide style, that way, the meat retains all the flavour without being too dry! To sta

Superfood Brand Kinmemai to Launch in Singapore Mid-June 2017

With over six decades of research and development, Kinmemai produces a successful line of rice that goes well with both the health-conscious and the gourmands. White rice is a staple amongst many Asian countries, but it also has been identified as one of the top concerns that leads to the increased risk of diseases, such as diabetes. This style of consumption leads to the overload of rice starch, that creates an imbalance of blood sugar. How Kinmemai differentiates itself fro

Fittie Sense, Bangsar

Fittie Sense is the latest addition to Bangsar, Telawi's wide choice of food establishments. This is one place that all the health nuts will flock to for its clean menu. But that's not the only thing that is clean about the place. The whole aesthetic is also very clean and incorporates much of nature with plenty of sunlight from the sunroof. Fittie Sense makes their own kefir probiotic soda, which is great for the digestive system! But they also sell (kefir) smoothies, tea an

The Good Co., Bangsar

Smoothie bowls have been trending in a huge way in the eat clean scene all around Malaysia. As the millennials continue to find more creative ways to supplement their healthy lifestyles, foodies like me get to enjoy yummy, yet diet-friendly dishes. We decided to head down to The Good Co in Bangsar one morning for a mid-week pick-me-up in the form of what could possibly be the best smoothie bowls in KL. The healthy, colourful bowl of goodness can be enjoyed any time of the day

Souper Tang, Centrepoint Orchard

Souper Tang, also known as Tang Shifu, has made its way into its first international market. Originally a Malaysian brand started by a TCM expert, Souper Tang only serves up the healthiest, heartiest soups and Chinese fare, incorporating TCM expertise into the dishes. The media tasting menu we were treated to included the Souper Tang Signature Soup ($26.90 for two, $39.90 for four; pictured below) and the Shi Quan 10 Herbs Soup ($13.90 per portion). Both were incredible herba

Goodness Greens by La Juiceria, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

When people talk about eating clean and healthy, it doesn't mean the food has to be all green and boring. Goodness Green is a living testament that eating clean can be fun and non-repetitive. In this gorgeous cafe, you build your own salad bowls with a really wide selection of ingredients and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming to pick which you want in your salad because they all look so good! The shop is strategically located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and for its price poin

Epic Fit Meals, Damansara Perdana

This is the place to go if you're looking for a healthy meal. The staff are friendly and the food does the trick for when you're trying to be healthy. They even have their own cold pressed juices for you to enjoy. I had the Beefy Buffy wrap. It was a little odd to have rice in my wrap, but it served as a heartier meal overall. If that isn't enough to fill you up, add on an epic side of mashed sweet potatoes. If you're going to carb-load, it might as well be clean carbs. Or i

Review: Culinary Capers (Online)

When I first heard about Culinary Capers, it was through my former editor. She's into yoga and healthy eating. So I thought, okay, why not give it a shot (since she was hosting dinner and I didn't have much of a say anyway! Haha). It would also be the second time I was eating quinoa salad. The first was when I had quinoa salad at Living Food in Menara Tan & Tan. They serve raw food and I was rather turned off to say the least (as someone who isn't a huge fan of healthy eating

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