Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore

Carousels have always been one of my favourite rides to go on at theme parks. It's relaxing to sit on one of the horses or carriages as I go round and round, watching the people pass in a haunting, blurry motion. Carousel, the restaurant at Royal Plaza on Scotts, gave me a similar feeling, except I was going around the world with food on their "ride". One thing special about Carousel is that it is one of the few halal-certified buffet places in Singapore. But interestingly en

Aquamarine, Marina Mandarin Hotel

Aquamarine at Marina Mandarin is one of the choice places for those who enjoy buffets but are also looking for a halal-certified place to dine at. It offers the freshest seafood options, it is located at one of the most beautiful hotels in Singapore and there is always plenty of variety as the chefs continue to evolve the menu every few months. It is very well-known for its fresh seafood offerings - where seafood lovers can binge on imported crustaceans and shellfish. But on

Holiday Inn Glenmarie Ramadan Buffet 2016

Hotel buffets hardly inspire foodies to wax lyrical about its offerings. Food cooked en masse is usually compromising on an establishment's standards, especially during special seasons like the month of Ramadan, when kitchens are the busiest and it is more short-handed than on normal days. But Holiday Inn Glenmarie has stepped up its game with a four-variant rotational menu this upcoming Ramadan month at its Kites restaurant - a feat that is both admirable and ambitious. We g