Tiff-Inn Night, Grand Millennium Hotel

If you love to explore a variety of authentic and delicious Indian food, Tiff-Inn Night at Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur is the place to go. The buffet concept showcases authentic Indian delights that are carefully carefully and expertly created by Grand Millennium's specialty chef Mahkan Singh who hails from New Delhi. Experience a spiced-filled culinary experience that showcase traditional hometown Insian cuisines such as the fish tikka, palak paneer and chicken tawoo

Surf N’ Turf Buffet, Grand Millennium Hotel KL

Enjoyment is key at the The Mill of Millennium Hotel’s Surf & Turf Buffet, now back again to wow seafood and meat lovers. Though this Saturday evening buffet remains true to its name, the 7-10pm fusion lineup is set to appeal to all palates of all ages. With that in mind, we savoured juicy honeydew slices paired with salty ham, tangy slices of tomato laced with balsamic reduction and chewy balls of mozzarella, delicate rolls of sushi, sinking our teeth into mosaic wedges of v

Lai Cheng Yuen, Grand Millennium Hotel

Chinese New Year is a time when families gather together for delectable meals over 15 days of non-stop celebration. This festive season, revel in time-honoured Cantonese cuisine to celebrate a year of abundance. We had the chance to feast on a traditional 8 course meal, and these are some of the dishes we thought were delightful. There are a few private dining rooms you can choose from to dine in apart from the common dining room as you enter the restaurant. We started off wi

Gemersik Selera @The Mill Cafe, Grand Millennium Hotel KL

Living in the tropics of Southeast Asia, we have the privilege of indulging in a wide range of Malay traditional foods especially during the month of Ramadan. The fasting month is here which is the holy month observed by Muslims. This is a great time for families and friends to get together to "buka puasa" (break-fast) after fasting for the whole day. We entered into a vast dining room with aromas of different flavours floating in the air. The servers were clothed in traditio

Lai Ching Yuen, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

You can't help but to be blown away by the sheer opulence of Grand Millennium Hotel as you step into their lobby. With the cascading chandelier, gigantic display of fresh flowers, the dark marble flooring and the gold water feature, you will be wowed. The food at its Chinese restaurant Lai Ching Yuen is no exception to its whole grandeur. The restaurant is decorated in a glamorous black and red oriental theme, and is one of the nicest Chinese restaurants I had the honour of p