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ABar Rooftop @ Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park

Perched on the 37th & 38th floor of the famed Bangkok Marriot Marquis Queen's Park hotel hides a gem of a bar with an amazing skyline of the beautiful Bangkok city. The ambiance exudes a classy vibe and reminded me of my favourite movie The Great Gatsby (if you haven't watched it, go watch it now!). Dark classic wooden fixtures, wingback chairs and a beautifully decorated cocktail bar, Abar is a place that makes you want to put your three-piece suit on and sip some gin like a

Highball, Kampung Bahru

“Highball. A simple cocktail, most commonly made with two ingredients - a spirit and a carbonated mixer, and served in an ice-filled highball glass.” True to its namesake, Highball is a simple bar with a robust base of quality and affordable cocktails, with an effervescent mixer of charm led by head honcho, Kino, and her all-female crew. Talk about girl power right there! I was at Highball to check out bar manager Anne’s entry for the Gin Jubilee -- Who Can’t Be Tamed. A drin

High Tea at MAZE @ Menara Lien Hoe, Persiaran Tropicana

MAZE @ Menara Lien Hoe is a new and upcoming player in the hip and ever evolving bar scene in Kuala Lumpur. What sets them apart is that they operate as a coffee saloon by day serving up awesome coffee, cakes as well as brunch, and a gin parlour by night, boasting about 150 types of gin labels. You'd be spoiled for choice! If you're looking for a place with a beautiful and soothing ambiance to have high tea with your friends, families or loved ones, look no further. MAZE is c

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