Muhibbah Makan Place, Shah Alam

Eating out or dining out, is not only just about the taste in the food but rather the whole experience of it, from the moment one enters the restaurant to the point the food gets served until you leave. And it is a great experience to dine at Muhibah Makan. Even though it is a food court, or also known as a Medan Selera of Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam, they have tried to make the dining experience here as easy and comfortable as possible. The environment is clean and vibrant

The Canteen, Da Men Mall USJ

The Canteen is an all-new, one-stop food destination for local foodies. Far from your typical food court, The Canteen is touted to be a slightly higher scaled but still down-to-Earth spot for food and drinks. Prices here are not just reasonable, they actually give hawker centres a run for their money, especially with the quality of the food and the chilled out ambiance you get here. The Canteen is split into strategic sections to allow for different types of diners to feel at