Science Late: TASTE, Glasgow Science Centre

Have you ever wanted to go to a science centre where only adults were allowed in and there were no kids around to hog the cool interactive exhibits and exciting gadgetry? Well you're in luck cause Science Late is where it's at! I've been to two Science Late events so far, the last one being the theme "Innovate" and the most recent one, "Taste". I'll be writing about the experience of my most recent adventures, exploring the wonders of food and taste! Science Late is a monthly

KL Better Beer Festival 2016

The Better Beer Festival is back again for its 5th installation in Publika. Taking over the White Box area as well as the Square, the Better Beer Festival featured some of the best local food, brought to us by Tiffin and of course, craft beers from all around the world. The event was well-organised with special talks and workshops being conducted throughout the day indoors - while you sip on cold brews. I only made it on the second day of the event and found myself among a gr