Gourmet tour of Europe @ Gordon Grill, Goodwood Park Hotel

You don’t need to fly all the way to Europe to have a taste of it. From 2 August to 29 September 2019, Gordon Grill in Goodwood Park Hotel will be presenting a gastronomic journey around Europe with time-honoured dishes specially curated by its culinary team. Available during lunch as a three-course set menu and dinner with a choice of four-course set menu or an eight-course degustation, the repertoire highlights the gourmet exemplars of European regions such as Greece, Franc

Enfin by James Won Lunch Menu, Kuala Lumpur

Stepping into Enfin by James Won is like entering a sleek and modern dining lounge. The first thing you see is the impressive collection of fine whiskies and cognac, then you notice the sheen of the smooth polished marble bar, the chrome panelled ceiling, the plush chairs, and rose gold accents. Enfin bar night shot by Bonnie Yap The dining area is just as impressive with its high ceiling, full length windows, wine-coloured carpet, wooden walls the colour of rich honey, and a