Piccoli Lotti, Damansara Kim

With plenty of artisanal ice cream parlours available all over town, it's easy to look past new ones that pop up. But Piccoli Lotti should not be dismissed. It's gelatos that come in really unique flavours is something worth making a trip to Damansara Kim for. It just opened yesterday and we dropped by to show some support to the local entrepreneur, Nge Seng. Piccoli Lotti means made in small batches and that's what they do here. The gelato is made in small batches - making i

The Locker & Loft, Damansara Kim

My first visit to The Locker & Loft, I made a fool of myself because I couldn't find its entrance. Who would have thought a shoddy-looking, battered row of lockers would turn out to actually be a secret door to a place I would consider sui generis as far as bars go? But The Locker & Loft has a remarkable sense of individuality in its interior design. Upon entering the hidden bar, you will find yourself face to face with Paul Dass’ and Deepak Gill’s favourite photograph of wor

The Locker & Loft: Drinks

The Locker & Loft is not exactly what you'd call a speakeasy, but it is a hidden bar. More than just that, it is a gem hiding in the midst of Damansara Kim's famous fish head noodle soup shops. We got to try their food menu but more importantly, we sampled their signature cocktails and new creations. Ahad, who is now my favourite waiter there, is a slick, smooth-talking charmer from Bangladesh who can get me to try any of their dishes when he describes them in his flawless En