Royal Canton Dim Sum, DC Mall

Royal Canton, or Canton Fare as it used to be called, is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Damansara Heights, amidst an uneven number of Indian and Western restaurants. That is why it is an easy favourite among the Chinese community living in the area. When it used to be located in Plaza Damansara, it would be packed during both lunch and dinner with diners who live in the area. But beyond just convenience and location, Royal Canton is known for its roasted meats that wil

Erawan, DC Mall

Erawan reopens in DC Mall, Damansara Heights. It's been a week since they've opened and already they're fully booked for dinner every night. I was familiar with the hype surrounding the place before they opened in DC Mall but never got around to trying it. So since DC Mall's just a stone's throw away from home, I decided to head there for dinner one evening with mother. I didn't realise that we would need reservations already, so we just strolled in. The waitstaff seemed relu