Code Black Coffeehouse, Kajang

When you think of Kajang, you might immediately think of satay. After all, it is our state’s famous satay city. But the town is starting to welcome new food places into its repertoire. Code Black Coffeehouse is one of the latest offerings to make its way there. It’s barely been a month but the coffee house is already a go-to spot for many Kajang residents. We got to sample some of their best-selling dishes and drinks. Though this cafe is still fairly new, they seem to have th

Perk Coffee Malaysia

If you know me, I'm an avid coffee drinker; be it in the form of a classic espresso, French press or traditional filtered-style. It can be daunting at times when you wake up in the morning and realize that you've ran out of coffee. You then have to make your way out of the house just to get your fix from your local coffee bar. However, I think I have found a solution to this. Introducing Perk! Perk is a specialty coffee brand founded by 2 coffee lovers, Paul and Serena. Havin

Underground Coffee, Taman OUG

Hunting for good coffee places in KL can sometimes be mundane. While there are many new cafes that pop up ever so often, only a handful are memorable offering unique menu items for us to try. Underground Coffee @ Taman OUG is one of them. Established in August 2018, they are part of a new breed of cafe offering unique ways to sip your favorite espresso. The cafe currently operates in The Red Chamber; a new and hip speakeasy in the mature neighborhood of OUG, effectively turni

Glasgow Coffee Festival 2018

Last weekend, Dear Green Roasters hosted the annual two-day Glasgow Coffee Festival at the Briggait in the city centre. For coffee professionals, enthusiasts and lovers alike, this festival was a huge celebration of the ever-growing coffee culture here in Scotland. During the event, there were coffee exhibitors, cafes, roasters and baristas featuring their best coffees alongside hosting workshops, masterclasses, cupping sessions, presentations and demonstrations in the space.

Favourite Lunch Spots at Glasgow for under £10

I'm always on the look out for the best spots to have lunch in the city especially since I'm often in town for work. Although I'm open to spending money on delicious foods, I try not to spend over £10 every time I'm out for an afternoon meal. So here's a list of my favourite spots to eat lunch in Glasgow, from the cheapest option to the most expensive one. Let's go! 1) Accento Cafe | £5.00 It's not a secret that I love Accento Cafe. It's one of my go-to spots in Finnieston,

Glasgow Coffee Festival Coming Soon!

Photo by Glasgow Coffee Festival | Glasgow Coffee Festival will be tackling landfill waste by banning disposable cups! Dear Green Coffee Roasters is bringing their sell-out Glasgow Coffee Festival back to The Briggait for a fourth time this May. This year, they’ve said no to all disposable coffee cups in an effort to pioneer a culture change, and embrace reuse. The event organisers have requested ticket holders to bring their own reusable cup to combat the 30,000 tonnes of co

Maltby Street Market, London

Photo by Samad | View of the street Street markets have become a widespread across every corner of the big bustling city of London, ranging from touristic ones like the Borough Market to slightly smaller and less busy ones like the Maltby Street Market in the LASSCO Ropewalk. I visited the Maltby Street Market because I wanted to avoid the crowds. Much to my relief, the market wasn't as jam packed as others I've been to, which made my whole experience a lot more comfortable

Milligram, Taman Mayang Jaya

Fancy a porky meal without breaking the bank? Milligram is the perfect place to go! Milligram certainly loves their pork, and boy they know how to use it! You will find creative and indulgent porky food at Milligram, and they serve up amazing desserts as well (where you just may find a cheeky bacon strip or two)! The highlight for me was Milligram's Mother Porker Burger (RM25) which is easily the best pork burger in town!​ The pork patty was juicy and bursting with flavour. I

Nitro Cold Brew Workshop, Mont Kiara Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

"The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has always been at the forefront of caffeine fuelled innovation, and we've taken Nitro Cold Brew Coffee to new heights with our Special Coffee Brand," says Fiona Rodrigues, Director of Marketing & Development for Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Malaysia. She shared her knowledge with us on the new Nitro Cold Brew product. Fiona describes the coffee as a deliciously aromatic blend with an intense caffeine kick which is something you have to experience for

Cafe Studio, Kota Damansara

Making good coffee is an art, so it was a great experience to watch coffee artists at work in an actual art studio. Cafe Studio in Kota Damansara is a modern art space featuring local artists as well as a gorgeous cafe. The vibe here is laidback and it is easy to spend a whole Sunday afternoon lazing here. Though it has the fittings of a museum, it carries the warmth of a friendly neighbourhood cafe. Walking around Cafe Studio is never boring because you are engaging in thoug

Top 5 lesser-known hipster cafes in Hong Kong

Hipster cafes are aplenty in Hong Kong, but the best ones are usually the lesser-known cafes tucked away in the most unexpected places. Elephant Grounds While tourists flock to the usual coffee chains for a cup of coffee, trendy locals and long-time expat residents park themselves at the mushrooming independent cafes that allow them to spend a quiet yet pleasant afternoon without breaking the bank. Here’s a peek into the top five best-kept hipster secrets: Cafe Hillywood 1. C

Sarnies, Telok Ayer

We made a trip to Sarnies one rainy weekday for brunch after hearing friends rave about it for a while now. It was my first time at Telok Ayer, actually. This was before I found out about Park Bench Deli. It's nice to know that the CBD of Singapore is filled with such good food, since I am possibly moving to this beautiful country soon (yay!). The coffee ($4.60) at Sarnies is great, like I had discovered at Pasarbella, of course. I'm not a huge coffee drinker though, but I en

Pacamara & Habitat Coffee, Upper Thomson Rd

We dropped by a couple of cafes in Upper Thomson for a quick drink a couple of afternoons. Cafe culture is still going very strong in Singapore and cafes are often packed even at odd hours. But none that we actually have to spend hours queuing up for (I think the concept of queuing for food is just ridiculous, but this seems to be a common occurrence in Malaysia and Singapore and probably some other Asian countries). The interior of Pacamara is very industrial-chic, a common


Jia Yuan, previously of a different establishment has broken away to do his own thing in Jaya One. The Melbourne-trained chef opened a cosy nook in Jaya One and has decided to call it Fest. The interior is very basic and comfortable with just a hint of a hipster vibe. Look at all the desserts I cannot have ~~~~ Since we dropped by for an early dinner, we decided against coffee but instead went for less caffeinated drinks like locally made Tapping Tapir sodas. The food menu is

Proof, Signature Suites, Sri Hartamas

This Aussie inspired rooftop cafe is Proof that great things happen when you have passionate chefs running a kitchen. Not only is the cafe brightly lit from natural sunlight, it is also very well-decorated with little pieces like this coffee brewing contraption above strewn around the cafe. Beans are sourced from Australia to give that authentic Melbourne cafe taste. Jia Yuan, one of the partners and chefs of the place, explains that Malaysians tend to like their coffee very