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Celebrate Mother's Day with Chateraise

I have a confession to make. I go to Chateraise every week to spoil myself with a dose of “Steamed Bun of Milk Taste” — a really creamy Hokkaido Milk ice cream with red bean fillings. So when Chateraise invited us to taste their new cakes and desserts, I leaped at the chance. Chateraise has actually been in Singapore for 4 years, and now has 25 stores islandwide. It was founded in Japan back in 1954, and pioneered the farm to factory system. This means everything across the p

Islands Chocolate, London

​ ​Attention all chocolate lovers! You've got a new chocolate player in town and its name is Islands Chocolate! These artisanal Caribbean bars of goodness are sure to leave you wanting more! A bit of background on Islands Chocolate: the cacao sourced for these beauties come from St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Working with the most experienced local cacao farmer, Mr. Robert Jacob, since 2011, Islands Chocolate only sources and harvests the bests cocoa pods to be made into thes

Munchy’s Choc-O, Malaysia

It was truly an honour to be invited by Munchy’s for the launch of their brand new Munchy’s Choc-O. Munchy’s Choc-O is the latest innovation from Munchy’s that features a crunchy chocolate chip cookie topped with a delicious chocolate drizzle. Photo by Melvin | Munchy's Choc-O Lauching Event During the launch event, they ran several competitions, utilising their new Munchy’s Choc-O product. Photo by Melvin | Munchy's Choc-O Guessing Beg First, they had the “cookies bag guessi

Cadbury Extends Partnership with The Premier League in Malaysia

What does chocolate have in common with football, you might ask? Cadbury, the world’s best-selling confectionery brand under Mondelēz International has partnered with England’s most prestigious football authority, The Premier League. And now, this partnership has been extended to the football-crazy nation of Malaysia! Besides the fact that both are highly enjoyable (and addictive), they create joyous moments in people from all walks of life; regardless of race, gender and bac

Chocolate Tasting with Cocoa Runners, Prufrock Coffee, London

Photo by Samad | Prufrock Coffee Recently, we were invited to attend a Chocolate Tasting hosted by Cocoa Runners at Prufrock Coffee in London. Before we get into the chocolates, let me first give you a background on who the Cocoa Runners is! So Cocoa Runners is basically a club started by and for chocolate lovers and enthusiasts. They find craft chocolate made by chocolate makers who source out premium chocolate beans directly from small farmers from different parts of the

Cocodash by Cocoraw, Bangsar

When I first heard about Cocodash and Cocoraw, I was excited to give it a try. In summary, Cocodash & Cocoraw produce local artisanal chocolate at affordable prices. Right now, in its only physical store at Cziplee, Telawi Bangsar, Cocodash serves chocolatey drinks to go and quick snacks. Customers can also purchase their amazing chocolate here to take away. Drinks are made fresh for you. The combination of the chocolate, milk and ice (for hotter days) is a winning combinatio

Nayuta Chocolatasia, ISETAN The Japan Store

The high quality chocolate brand, Nayuta opened its first boutique and cafe in Malaysia in October, in conjunction with the store's 1st Anniversary. The brand name Nayuta means 'Infinite' in Sanskrit. From bean-to-bar to bonbon chocolate, Nayuta is a new chocolate brand using mainly Asia's high quality cacao from selected manufacturing and production sources. The chocolates are made in Malaysia and produced to the highest Japanese standards by means of strict quality control.

The Dark Gallery, Millenia Walk

The Dark Gallery is a new boutique café that offers more than just a place for great artisanal desserts, but also an art behind it. Many of its unique creations are accompanied with information on various cacao origins and flavour profiles that differentiate each interpretation. It’s named for their specific focus on dark chocolate and plays between balance of bitter and sweet. You'll be treated to signature creations made from scratch that boast a wide source of chocolates f

Bombolini da Lena Lu, Perth

Ciao Amici! Just hearing the words Bombolonas, Bombolone or Bombolini could strike out big smiles without even knowing what this is. Wait till you learn, they are Italian filled fried donuts, dusted with sugar, ordinarily in the size of a ping pong ball. And now, Lena Lu who owns the only Bombolini bar in WA, caters these "little pockets full of goodness" in the size of a regular donut! Now how do you feel? Here are some of the varieties of fusion Bombolini's created by Lena

Pierre Ledent Chocolate, Mercato Cafe

How can anyone say no to good chocolate? The foodie team recently had an inside sneak peek into how the perfect iced and hot chocolate are made. My favourite part of this review was that I could savour them after the demonstration. The Mercato Cafe is located inside Pavilion KL. It took me a while to locate it, and found that the easiest way to get there was going up the escalator in the Mercato supermarket. Before we go on, here's a little introduction on the mastermind behi

Schoc Chocolates, Greytown New Zealand

To all the chocoholics out there, if you are ever planning a road tip around New Zealand you will definitely want to drive through Greytown! A charming chocolate boutique can be found in this quaint settlement just pasts the main row of shops. Keep your eyes peeled for a little orange sign jutting out from the pavement. It lacks the grandeur of Charlie’s chocolate factory, but it is well worth the visit! When you walk in the front door, you are immediately greeted by the rich

Kit Kat open its first concept in Southeast Asia

Nestle’s KitKat took its tagline, ‘Have a break, have a KitKat‘ to a whole new level. Nestle recently launched a KitKat concept store – the KitKat “Chocolatory” in Midvalley Megamall. This store will give the public the chance to engage with the brand by allowing patrons to create at least 10,000 variations of delicious and mouth-watering KitKat fingers. Patrons can also choose to purchase special editions of KitKat flavours that are not available anywhere else besides this c

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