Châteraisé, Publika

I had chanced upon this while walking around Isetan, One Utama one day but it was already closing hours and they had stopped serving customers. So when I passed by the Publika branch, I knew I had to go in and indulge in some sweet treats. They've got the famous baked cheese tarts here that everyone's been going crazy about recently. Each tart goes for RM7.50 and it's not bad, though I still prefer Tokyo Secret's for some reason. All the beautiful cakes are freshly and direct

Review: Mad About Coco, Publika

This is my second time at the popular desserts place. Chocolate lovers out there, this is your temple! Its interior is so pretty and pink. Definitely a place for girls to indulge in their most chocolatey desires. You can enjoy the hot chocolate here and pick between white, milk or dark and with or without marshmallow. There's also a mint/rose/rum/caramel/lychee/gingerbread/Nutella/banana/coconut hot chocolate options. Or if you're feeling particularly indulgent - a Valrhona h