Meet & Melt, Scape

Meet and Melt is a dessert cafe well known for their thick toasts and waffles. We decided to see what all the hype was about and try them out for ourselves. We had the salted egg thick toast to start off, served with a scoop of salted egg ice cream. I couldn’t wait to cut into the centre of the toast and watch the salted egg filling ooze out! As great as it sounds and looks, its taste was however a little disappointing. The toast was average, a little crispy on the outside an

Sacha & Sons, Mandarin Gallery

I think my growing belly is a testament to how much good food I've been having lately - especially in terms of sandwiches and meat dishes. Going around Singapore with different groups of friends has exposed me to a lot of new places to eat that I normally wouldn't know about otherwise. This trip I've gotten to try quite a number of halal-friendly places, including kosher deli Sacha & Sons in Mandarin Gallery. Walking in, it was slightly reminiscent of Katz in New York (yes, t