Strangers' Reunion, Kampong Bahru

Strangers' reunion is no stranger to coffee aficionados and brunch enthusiast alike, with their coffee brewed by award-winning barista champions and the outlet being one of Singaporeans favourite go-to brunch spot. Recently, the team at Strangers' Reunion has introduced a complete set of redefined brunch menu, in hopes to elevate and take the cafe dining scene to the next level. Each dish is meticulously crafted with an overflow of creativity juice, a burst of fresh flavours,

Shakespeare Milkshakes + Full Wolves Board Games, Johor Bahru

Much like steamboat on a rainy day, ice cream on an extra hot day seals the deal! This was the case for us when we stopped by to check out Shakespeare Milkshakes. On a scorching hot Saturday afternoon, we made our way to Shakespeare Milkshakes, just a stone's throw away from The Replacement Lodge + Kitchen. True to its name, the menu consisted of a concise but unique list of milkshakes that were creamy and delicious. Downstairs is where the magic happens for the milkshakes an

Top 5 lesser-known hipster cafes in Hong Kong

Hipster cafes are aplenty in Hong Kong, but the best ones are usually the lesser-known cafes tucked away in the most unexpected places. Elephant Grounds While tourists flock to the usual coffee chains for a cup of coffee, trendy locals and long-time expat residents park themselves at the mushrooming independent cafes that allow them to spend a quiet yet pleasant afternoon without breaking the bank. Here’s a peek into the top five best-kept hipster secrets: Cafe Hillywood 1. C