Kintsugi Robatayaki, Petaling Jaya

I walked into Kintsugi Robatayaki thinking it will be just another typical Japanese restaurant, but boy was a wrong. Kintsugi is far from traditional, the team of cooks have transformed Japanese cuisine into a modern masterpiece that is unpredictable and exciting. I love that they named this robatayaki restaurant Kintsugi, which is translated as "golden repair". Kintsugi is a Japanese artform where they repair broken pottery with lacquer dusted with gold, making it beautiful

Kouzu, Bangsar

As you enter the corner lot in which Kouzu sits, you are greeted by a large dragon. It is not a scary dragon, but rather one that is beautifully painted on a stretch of Kouzu's wall. It sits next to paintings of Mount Fuji, Sakura flowers, koi fish and a geisha. The spectacular graffiti wall certainly does make an impression, and it sets the tone of Kouzu being artistically modern while still holding onto Japanese culture. Opened just a month ago, Kouzu is the latest Japanese

The Table at ISETAN the Japan Store, Lot 10

Japanese food lovers are going to be very pleased with the offerings at The Table, which just opened at ISETAN the Japan Store in Lot 10 last week. The preview saw 400 guests gather at the very Japanese-centric food place and I think The Table is a good contender for the saturated market of Japanese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur city centre. It offers the top Japanese restaurants right here in the heart of town and its prices are reasonable. Organised by Mad Hat PR, the event w