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ABar Rooftop @ Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park

Perched on the 37th & 38th floor of the famed Bangkok Marriot Marquis Queen's Park hotel hides a gem of a bar with an amazing skyline of the beautiful Bangkok city. The ambiance exudes a classy vibe and reminded me of my favourite movie The Great Gatsby (if you haven't watched it, go watch it now!). Dark classic wooden fixtures, wingback chairs and a beautifully decorated cocktail bar, Abar is a place that makes you want to put your three-piece suit on and sip some gin like a

Akira Back, Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Bangkok

Akira Back at the famed Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is the latest global offering from Akira Back’s award-winning Korean-born, American-raised chef who is currently redefining Asian cuisine here in Bangkok. The restaurant’s exciting and vibrant dishes reflect it’s cultural heritage and brand. The modern style gastronomy is inventive, blending Japanese and Korean elements with international influences; a truly ‘east meets west’ approach. Located on the hotel’s 37th f

Marriott Marquis, Queen’s Park Bangkok

Marriott Marquis isn’t my first experience staying at one of the Marriott properties. The first time I experienced the true hospitality of Marriott was at Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa. Marrying the humble hospitality of Thais and the standard of service at Marriott, any stay at a Marriott in Thailand is promising. Our recent stay at Marriott Marquis at Queen’s Park Bangkok was no different. From start to end, our experience was one steeped in luxury and tranquility. Upon arr

Thara Thong, Royal Orchid Sheraton Bangkok

Bangkok is one of those places where there is something for everyone - shopping, natural sites, historical monuments and religious places, entertainment and nightlife, and of course, food. Food is my primary reason for visiting any new place. But Bangkok is almost like a second home to me. We take a trip there every year without fail. Each time, the experience is unlike the last. This time, our focus was mainly on food and getting to try some of the best dishes Bangkok has to

W Hotel, Bangkok

Recently, we had the privilege of staying at W Bangkok. It was my first time stepping foot into any W properties around the world. Its reputation precedes it and I was eager to experience the hype. Its tagline is '5 Star Urban Playground' and it really felt like we had entered a playground built for adults. It did stir up feelings of excitement and high energy. It could have been from the loud music playing in the compound, but we were dancing our way into the hotel as soon a

Craft Cafe, Bangkok

Nestled under the Phra Khanong BTS stop lies a hidden gem by the name of Craft Cafe - a modern fusion restaurant where East (local Thai delicacies) meets West (coffee, cakes, eggs, breakfast and etc) in perfect harmony. The cafe exudes a warm and inviting ambiance with plenty of design details for art lovers and hipsters alike in Bangkok. The theme is anchored around timeless and classic design elements that were found everywhere within the shop. I love this cool shelf that s

Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar, Bangkok

During our stay at Hotel Clover Asoke in Bangkok (full review here), we were invited to dine at their rooftop restaurant called the Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar. The city of Bangkok is synonymous with sky bars and rooftop dining establishments. And we were so blessed that the place that we were staying at had one. Located at the rooftop section of the hotel by the infinity pool, Clover Sky Restaurant & Bar treats diners to an amazing view of the Sukhumvit area overlooking the

Chan Yupa Tearoom, Asok Bangkok

High tea is no longer only accessible to the ladies of leisure because it's available through plenty of cafes and tea rooms nowadays. In Bangkok, you don't have to search high and low for it because Chan & Yupa Tearoom will pop up on Instagram for its gorgeous tea sets and ambience. I'll bet people have weddings here because it's such a breathtaking venue in the middle of Asok that makes you feel like you've been transported to a whole different world. Save for the occasional

Hotel Clover, Bangkok

Bangkok is a hotspot for Malaysian and Singaporean travellers and there's no surprise there. The city never sleeps and there's always something to do. Whether you love to party, shop or just relax at a spa, Bangkok gives you the best of all worlds. One of the most central locations to stay at in Bangkok is Asok (Sukhumvit). It is one of the most central stations, being right in the heart of the city and you have access to plenty of hotspots from here. Not to mention, it is wh

Eat Me, Bangkok

I've always believed that travelling without hunting down the best food places is a waste of a trip. A holistic, well-rounded trip is one with a decent amount of nature, a good sense of the culture through its vibrant city life (if it's a city), sprinkles of shopping here and there and of course, indulging in the best the local F&B scene has to offer. Now, this is not to say that when one travels, they should only focus on trying street food or local food. Sometimes, the best

Zoom Sky Bar at Anantara Sathorn, Bangkok

Shopping, night markets and sexy shows are just some elements that make up Bangkok's colourful lifestyle. To add on even more sprinkle onto the kaleidoscope of activities to do there, sky bars have been popping up at every possible rooftop there. Zoom Sky Bar and Restaurant at Anantara Sathorn is one of these sky bars that both locals and tourists flock to. Seats can be quite limited so be sure to make a reservation early. Because you don't want to miss out on these spectacul

Anantara's room packages in conjunction with the 2017 King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament

Thailand’s largest charity event, The 2017 King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament, is happening between 9th – 12th of March and Anantara has a range ele-fantastic room packages for your stay in Bangkok. The elephant festival will have something for everyone including an impressive Opening Parade, Children’s Educational Day, Ladies Day known as the ‘Bangkok Ascot’ and a wide range of fun elephant related activities. This year’s event will also have 10 teams encompassing over 40 p

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