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Islands Chocolate, London

​ ​Attention all chocolate lovers! You've got a new chocolate player in town and its name is Islands Chocolate! These artisanal Caribbean bars of goodness are sure to leave you wanting more! A bit of background on Islands Chocolate: the cacao sourced for these beauties come from St. Vincent in the Caribbean. Working with the most experienced local cacao farmer, Mr. Robert Jacob, since 2011, Islands Chocolate only sources and harvests the bests cocoa pods to be made into thes

Chocolate Tasting with Cocoa Runners, Prufrock Coffee, London

Photo by Samad | Prufrock Coffee Recently, we were invited to attend a Chocolate Tasting hosted by Cocoa Runners at Prufrock Coffee in London. Before we get into the chocolates, let me first give you a background on who the Cocoa Runners is! So Cocoa Runners is basically a club started by and for chocolate lovers and enthusiasts. They find craft chocolate made by chocolate makers who source out premium chocolate beans directly from small farmers from different parts of the

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