Meme Tea&Coff, Plaza Arkadia

Located in Desa Parkcity, Meme Tea&Coff has a beautiful high-ceiling and a generally sophisticated vibe to its cafe. It's unique selling point is that it boasts an interesting range of creative drinks on its menu. I'm guessing that due to the complexity of the ingredients in the drinks, you might have to wait a while for them. I waited about 20 minutes for mine. (From right to left) I tried the Mango Yoghurt drink (RM18.90) which was mango puree with yoghurt and mango chunks.

6 Gym Junkie Must Haves at Juiceworks

After my gym time, I'm typically rather dehydrated and looking for a drink or two to replenish my lost nutrients. And no, I don't mean an alcoholic drink. So, quite often, I turn to Juiceworks to get my post-gym session treat. Since I don't always have my protein shakes with me (like when I have spontaneous gym dates), this is an extremely convenient way to fill my tummy. Here are 6 of my favourite Juiceworks drinks to have at Juiceworks after a good workout: 1. Digesta Aid T