5 snacks we love to indulge in

We don't always work together in the same space but when we do we must have snacks. Here's our favourite snacks to have while working! 1. Tealive drinks - whether it's a matcha latte or a jasmine milk tea or our founder's favourite Earl Grey milk tea... there will be some form of Tealive in the workspace. 2. When our founder is feeling hardworking, she will order a few boxes of macarons from @ka.bakes on Instagram and pick it up from SS2. The whole team loves it for its aweso

Tealive is now live!

Tealive, which is officially pronounced as "tea-laive", is now live for all the tea lovers out there to enjoy! After a highly anticipated wait over the past few weeks as the drama between Loob Holdings and La Kaffa unravelled very publicly in the media and online, Tealive is here and foodievstheworld is backing the local brand. So we decided to pop by one of the outlets and we happened to be at Shaftsbury Square in Cyberjaya so we picked up a couple of drinks on the way back.