Tapas Club, Orchard Central

Here in Singapore, foreign cuisines are a plenty. However, it is rather difficult to find good and authentic ones. When it comes to Spanish food, Tapas Club is now my favourite go-to spot. Here at Tapas Club, sit back and relax over some Sangria (from $12 a glass) and up beat Spanish music. Enjoy the huge variety of Spanish appetisers and snacks, or more commonly known as tapas. We tried the Croquetas De Jamon ($11.90). These ham croquettes are a common snack in Spain and are

Tapas Club @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Having opened two successful branches in Singapore and Indonesia, Tapas Club has opened it's third outlet right here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Now there's no need of a hassle to travel all the way to Spain to savour classic Spanish flavours as the people behind Tapas Club has brought the whole experience to Malaysia. Even more so with having two world acclaimed Spanish chefs, Chef Alonso and Chef Berganza to cook up a storm for you fellow tapas enthusiast. Chef Berganza a