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New dishes @ Chengdu, Amoy Street

Calling all mala enthusiasts, Chengdu is back again with new curated dishes set to tantalise those taste buds! Although Chengdu was just launched last April, this is our third invitation (you may read our previous write-ups here and here by our lovely editor Sam!), and we are curious to see if Chengdu could deliver once again. Without further ado, we started off with the Chicken Feet with Preserved Vegetables ($13.80++). Don’t let its plain-looking exterior fool you, for this

Sikdang @ Tanjong Pagar Road.

Sikdang is a new casual Korean restaurant tucked along a row of eateries along Tanjong Pagar, specialising in Korean hotpot. Sikdang, which translates to 'Restaurant' from Korean, is run by a husband and wife duo with the aim to serve authentic no-frills Korean dishes just like how the chef's Eomeoni (Mother) would've made the dishes. We had a cheesy combination of Spicy Chicken with Cheese ($24) to start. This trendy Korean dish is best paired alongside a chilled bottle of b

Bar Cicheti, Keong Saik

Spring is here! Although you can’t feel it in Singapore’s year-round sunny weather, you’d get the chance to taste it. Bar Cicheti is introducing a spring menu that pays homage to the sweet and hearty harvests of Italy. The new menu is created as a tribute to the love for spring in Italy of all three partners of Bar Cicheti -- restaurateur Liling Ong, chef Lim Yew Aun and sommelier Ronald Kamiyama. As Singapore’s first homegrown pasta and wine bar, I came expecting handmade pa

KiloKitchen, Duxton Road

After eight years, Kilo Kitchen has moved out from its original location at Kampung Bugis Road to 97 Duxton Road. Kilo Kitchen offers modern comfort food with their dishes inspired from various cuisines around the world, mainly focusing on a fusion twist which uses Latin American and Asian cooking techniques. A new feature at Kilo's new home at Duxton is its open-kitchen concept with a wood fired grill on sight- a style of cooking Head Chef Manel has honed throughout his culi

HIRYŪ, Tanjong Pagar

Nestled in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, HIRYŪ, is one of the latest additions to the stretch of shophouses along Tras Street. Narrow yet cosy, a lot of thought has been put into HIRYŪ by Chef Raymond Tan, from the details of furnishings right down to the furniture to deliver a grandiose façade of a modern Japanese sushi restaurant. The main entrance of HIRYŪ. HIRYŪ has two floors with two private rooms on the second level. While they do accept walk-ins for lunch, it is most a

Ash & Char, MacCallum Street

Ever since I started working in the CBD, discovering a new hang out spot is one of the things that I look forward to the most. The WEROC Group has recently acquired and relaunched Ash & Char - the refreshed chic gastrobar nestled along the bustling MacCallum Street. I walked past Ash & Char on multiple occasions, their open bar concept is what attracted me to give this new kid on the block a try. With a name like Ash & Char, you'd immediately think of nice charred and tender

YOLO, Icon Village

Within walking distance to offices in Tanjong Pagar, YOLO is one of the few restaurants where they have designed their menu to cater to everyone. Literally. While they are a Halal establishment, they also offer healthy and tasty meals catering to market segments with other dietary preferences such as dairy-free and gluten-free. And not just that! They also have different sets of meals pre-designed based on nutritional principles, depending on what your diet is. Whether you ar

Neon Pigeon, Singapore

A little over a month ago when I was wondering around the Outram area looking for food, my boyfriend and I stumbled upon this very busy, very chic-looking restaurant that didn't have a signboard with a name, but only a small neon pigeon. Curious about this very modern establishment we decided to head in. Needless to say, a few weeks later when I was given the opportunity to return to this restaurant to write a proper review on their new items just added to the menu, I jumped

Guenpin Fugu & Snow Crab

With over 96 outlets in Japan, Guenpin’s first foray in bringing fugu (puffer fish) outside of Japan, that is safe for consumption (and not to mention delicious), is in none other than Singapore to be its first overseas market. Since the preparation of fugu is a serious matter, as another person’s life is at your hands, chefs go through many rigorous years of training before they are legally allowed to serve the fish to customers. We can only imagine that the task of having e

Ho-Jiak, Fuji Xerox Towers

Like its name suggest, the overall aim of this little functional cafe is to feed its customers delicious food. Ho-jiak means very delicious in Hokkien, the primary dialect in Singapore. And Singaporeans who work in the CBD (Anson Road) can look forward to rubbing their bellies over yummy food at Ho-Jiak. The cafe also serves beer and imported craft beers if you want a little buzz over lunch or need a break midday (we promise not to tell your boss!). They carry brands like Hit

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