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The Burg, Damansara Utama

In Malaysia and especially in Kuala Lumpur, we’re most definitely not short of the best street food that SouthEast Asia has to offer. From simple goreng pisang to lok-lok to even grilled sambal stingray, the array of midnight cuisines provides variety for any peckish Malaysian looking for a late night snack. Today, we’re introducing you to a new member of the burger community, The Burg Malaysia! Located in Uptown Damansara, this new player offers deliciously crunchy chicken b

Tempo Tea Bar New Menu Launch Party, Glasgow

In celebration of this amazing summer and the rare occasion of the glorious sun shining over Glasgow for more than a month now, I wanted to share some exciting news with you about what Tempo Tea Bar and owner, May Gem, has in store for the future of Scotland's favourite bubble tea franchise! Recently, Tempo Tea Bar hosted a Menu Launch/Taste Test Party at the Strathclyde Student Union in conjunction with a fun K-pop dance party. While listening to the latest summer K-Pop hits

Shoreditch Secret Food Tours, Shoreditch, London

During a bright and sunny spring day in the big city, we were invited to join the Secret Food Tours in Shoreditch, London to visit iconic food spots around Bricklane and learn about the history behind how these foods came about in the area. First stop was the famous Beigel Bake! Funny story; the original Beigel Bake (the one with the yellow sign) is actually two doors down from the one with the white sign (pictured below). However, many years ago, the brothers who were runnin

Maltby Street Market, London

Photo by Samad | View of the street Street markets have become a widespread across every corner of the big bustling city of London, ranging from touristic ones like the Borough Market to slightly smaller and less busy ones like the Maltby Street Market in the LASSCO Ropewalk. I visited the Maltby Street Market because I wanted to avoid the crowds. Much to my relief, the market wasn't as jam packed as others I've been to, which made my whole experience a lot more comfortable

Platform, Glasgow

Photo from Platform Official Facebook Page | Platform signage! Photo by Samad | The cool interior ​ Hooray! After much anticipation over the passed few months, Platform has finally opened up in the Arches to fellow Glasgwegians over the first weekend of March! Platform is another street food space located right in the centre of the city, under Glasgow Central Station. The space is magnificent! I remember the Arches only as a nightclub, so seeing the space being used for s

Big Feed, Govan

Photo by Samad | The Big Feed space I'm so glad that there are more foodie spots to please my foodie appetite here in Glasgow. This time, we're gonna talk about Big Feed Street Food Social located in Govan on the south side of the city. The warehouse space itself is massive and covered in fairy lights, which makes the place appear quite magical! And evidently, this set up is very perfect for family outings because we saw a lot of young parents bringing over their kids for som

Dockyard Social, Finnieston

Photo by Samad | Dockyard Social interior Hey ho! The food Gods have finally answered my prayers! Glasgow's food scene is becoming so big and lively, it makes me weep tears of joy! Yay! Coming from Malaysia, the idea that Glasgow is opening up more food street spaces fills me up with so much glee. So, this time, we visited Dockyard Social in Finnieston, one of the newest street food and bar spots in the West End of the city. The Dockyard Social is located right next to the

Top 11 must-try food in Seoul

If you’re planning a trip to Seoul, like I have recommended in my previous post on the city, I believe winter is a great time to go, especially if you’re coming from a tropical country like Malaysia or Singapore. We experience hot weather enough in our home countries that getting exposed to some winter weather once in a while is a nice treat. It’s also the best time to go because you will have an appetite that is always raring to go! Cold weather makes you hungry and you need

The Tiger Bites Malaysia Street Food Festival

I had a great time at the Tiger Bites Street Food Festival yesterday with the bestie. She was so nice to invite me. We took an Uber to Avenue K just after 6, just in time to catch the sunset and a gorgeous double rainbow. The set up was very old school chic. They gave us coupons for beer cocktails and free beer or Radler. It felt as though we were in an outdoor food court. We managed to get quite a good variety of food to our tables and into our stomachs before the rain start

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