Ekkamai, Batai Village & Publika

I'm ever so grateful to The Social Group for bringing another Thai establishment to my neighbourhood of Bukit Damansara. We've had Sri Ayutthaya for way too long; it's good to have an alternative when we don't feel like braving the Sprint jam to get to Happy Mansion's Frame Thai or MyElephant. Ekkamai is the latest addition to Batai Village's growing F&B outlets. With Ben's and Yellow Brick Road neighbouring Ekkamai, it fills a void for Asian cuisine that is sorely needed. An

Review: The Complete Hammam Experience

Whenever I walk past Hammam, I always get a very Middle Eastern vibe from it. I knew right off the bat it was a Middle Eastern bath of sorts because I was familiar with the word "hammam" from Anita Amirrezvani's book The Blood of Flowers which is set in 17th century Iran and emphasised the luxury of taking a bath back then. I had always felt intimidated by the imposing facade and guessed that prices for the spa would be a tad out of my budget range. Though their normal packag