Aloha Cycle Club, Plaza Damas

If, like me, after a while you get bored of just going to the gym and doing the same ol' routines and you just want to change it up a little, you ought to consider spinning. It was my first time trying out spin cycling and I am glad that I went to Aloha Cycle for my first class. The instructor for the day was Katrina and she is one of the most enigmatic instructors I have ever come across. You settle yourself on a bike after being equipped with proper fitting shoes and then y

Review: Nepalese-Himalayan Restaurant, Plaza Damas

I have never tried Nepalese food before but after having lunch at the Nepalese-Himalayan restaurant in Plaza Damas, I questioned why I took so long to try it. These cute little dumplings, served with Nepalese chilli sauce and pumpkin paste was really great and came in both vegetarian and chicken options. Look at how appetising the food looks at this restaurant! This pumpkin paste goes so well with plain rice. It has a natural sweet taste with subtle nuances of Indian spices.

Review: The Manna, Plaza Damas

This cheerful little Korean place in Plaza Damas was our the family's choice for an early dinner place because it started raining while we were walking around looking for a restaurant. It's very affordable - with prices starting from the low tens to the most expensive dish, their Pa-Jeon pancake, at RM25, pictured below. Pa-Jeon (RM25) - very tasty with a generous amount of ingredients. Worth the price! Dolsot-Bibimbap (RM13.90). Not as nice as Daorae, apparently. Japchae (R

Review: Blue Cow Cafe, Plaza Damas

This is one of my usual brunch spots with the family and friends. It's one of those places that serve comfort food - pancakes, hand-made sausages, bacon, roast pork belly, milkshakes, pasta, etc. It's affordable and food is consistently good. Even their coffee is pretty good. I would recommend having their handmade sausages - Italian and pork are the best. Blue Cow Cafe N-1-4 Plaza Damas Sri Hartamas #BlueCowCafe #PlazaDamas