Pho Vietz, Pavilion

Vietnamese cuisine seem to be picking up popularity among our locals. With so many Vietnamese restaurants these days, deciding where to go for an authentic meal can be quite a challenge. The good news is if you are a fickle-minded person like me, your decision will be easily made. I personally would not hesitate to head straight to Pho Vietz. Allow me to tell you why. Stepping into their restaurant at Pavilion, I was absolutely welcomed by their ambience. I thought the interi

Super Saigon, TTDI

Whenever I want to go for Vietnamese food, I typically wait to go to my favourite joint in Singapore - Mrs Pho. Not for the lack of the many Vietnamese places in Malaysia, though! I just love everything about that place in Singapore. But when we tried Super Saigon, I knew it would be like Mrs Pho - it would easily become my go-to spot for Vietnamese food in KL. The premises are pork free, making it perfect for everyone to try authentic Vietnamese food. How authentic could it

Just Pho You, Latest Recipe @ Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur

Vietnamese cuisine can be described as a balance of the sweet and salty, a great combination between asian and french influences. We were invited to taste a selection of dishes at Le Meridien as they flew in two guest chefs specially from Sheraton Hanoi, Chef Trinh Thi Mau and Nguyen Nam Nguyen to showcase a taste of Vietnam. The trishaw, which is a familiar symbol in Vietnam, was decorated beautifully at the entrance with traditional Vietnamese music that filled the dining r

5 Foods You Must Eat When In Vietnam

1. Pho - duh! You can't say you've been to Vietnam and experienced its food if you haven't tried pho. Pronounced like fur, pho is a classic Vietnamese soup noodle dish. You can have it either with chicken or beef but the beef is a popular pick. Beef pho is the bomb! It's packed full of fresh herbs and even though the soup base is clear, it's got plenty of taste. There's a strong cilantro taste because the herb is used generously in this dish (as well as many other Vietnamese