The Source Bulk Foods, Cluny Court

Imagine a store where you can buy all sorts of premium whole foods and healthy (or decadent) snacks, but in any amount you want. Introducing The Source Bulk Foods. All the way from Australia, the store in Cluny Court, a stone’s throw away from Botanic Gardens MRT, carries more than 350 different products. This includes plenty of pantry staples and tasty treats. The big selling point is you’re able to buy only as you need. For example, if you need to buy only 100g of rice, you

Locavore, Glasgow South Side

When I lived in the South Side of Glasgow two years ago, I used to do my grocery shopping at a nearby neighbourhood grocer that stocked vegetables of different varieties, fresh farm chicken and duck eggs, as well as meats from ethical farms. It was my go-to grocer for non-packaged foods and fresh produce. So, I was super happy to learn that their business has now flourished and grown into something much bigger and better! ​ ​ ​Locavore was once a small space in Nithsdale Road

Verde Kitchen, Hilton Hotel

Verde Kitchen, Hilton Hotel’s brand new restaurant aims to not only serve up some nutritious meals, but they are also making a conscious effort to better our local communities and the environment by using locally-sourced and self-sustaining ingredients. We started off with an appetizing salad. Their Salmon Sashimi & Pomelo Salad ($27++) was just fresh, crisp, with a slight hint of citrus. But my favourite of the two salads I tried would have to be their Super Food Grilled Hal