Luscious by Lisa T, One Mont Kiara

After the first wave of cupcake shops (think Wondermilk, Twelve Cupcakes), cupcakes had almost become the forgotten dessert/snack (what with options like bingsu, macarons and the like). But clearly, cupcakes have not totally gone out of fashion. And Luscious by Lisa T in One Mont Kiara is here to ensure it stays in style. We were greeted by the Chief Eating Office (CEO) Lisa T herself as she welcomed us into her bespoke store. Walking in feels as though you have been transpo

Review: Kamikaze Ramen, One Mont Kiara

I love ramen and trying new ramen places always gets me excited. So, when I saw this ramen place on the way to Sushi Zanmai in 1MK, I decided to try it. I love chicken karaage! And gyoza!! The broth was porky and the portions generous for the price (north of RM22). I like spicy broths and this is just nice! Not too spicy and still tasty... Two thumbs up. But the noodles can be a bit hard. Otherwise, everything else gets my stamp of approval. Definitely affordable. However, I