BMS Organics, Midvalley Megamall

Sometimes, we need to seek out clean foods to make up for all the sinful things we put in our bodies. It's important to keep a balanced diet. We cannot always indulge in rich, oily foods. But that doesn't mean we have to have salads everyday. It just means that we have to find a way to eat a little healthier. BMS Organics combines organic groceries with a cafe. So if you're looking to stock up for home and have a decent meal, this can be your go-to place. BMS Organics is know

Kit Kat open its first concept in Southeast Asia

Nestle’s KitKat took its tagline, ‘Have a break, have a KitKat‘ to a whole new level. Nestle recently launched a KitKat concept store – the KitKat “Chocolatory” in Midvalley Megamall. This store will give the public the chance to engage with the brand by allowing patrons to create at least 10,000 variations of delicious and mouth-watering KitKat fingers. Patrons can also choose to purchase special editions of KitKat flavours that are not available anywhere else besides this c

Garrett Popcorn Shops Mid-Autumn Gift Set

Mid-Autumn season this year is upon us again and to celebrate one of the most food-filled seasons (mmm, mooncakes), Garrett Popcorn is introducing an exclusive, limited edition gift set. Inside each gift set, you will find two ‘Jade Rabbit Tins’ filled with a special popcorn flavour from Japan, the Matcha Caramel Crisp as well as the classic Chicago Mix. The collectible Jade Rabbit tins feature lids adorned with intricately embossed designs resembling a mooncake. The tins are

Review: Ippudo, Bangsar

After a long day of slaving away at work, I always seek comfort food. To me, a warm broth on a cool night is always very comforting. But few places make broths as good as Ippudo does. The steaming hot soup coupled with soft springy ramen and I'm as happy as a clam. Of course, being a Japanese establishment, they also do serve great maki and an assortment of side dishes. Though I haven't gotten the chance to try many, one of my favourites is their soft steamed pork bun (RM7).

Review: Marvellous Egg Co. (in collaboration with

So, between my full-time job as a financial journalist, running a food page, helping out in a charity organisation and keeping fit, I've got my hands pretty tied. This means I don't always have time to go out and try new food to review. Thankfully, Malaysia has recently been blessed with a service like, which is an errand-running service. They do anything from picking up your dry cleaning to buying your groceries and even sending your car for a wash, if you want. All