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Recipe: Easy Banana Fritters and 5 ways to eat them

If you are craving for something quick and easy and have bananas in your pantry, nothing beats a snack like Goreng Pisang as we call it in Malay, or just plain and crispy Banana Fritters. This is a popular street food in Southeast Asia and there are different versions of it. Here's how I like mine done - but this time with a little cheeky secret! With the bananas you have available, slice them into quarters. Now here's my little secret - I've used Billington's Goreng Pisang F

Top 5 snacks and must grab drinks to try in Genting

If you all have been following our 24-Hour Genting Trail, you would have seen that we’ve already tried many popular food places like Babajia, NeNe Chicken and Tian Ma Bird Nest. But Beyond those places, we also stopped along the way for some light snacks and drinks. Here are five snacks we tried in Genting and would recommend: 1. Gindaco Photo by Melvin | Ebimayo - 6 pieces RM 17.90 Address: Level 1 T2-18, Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands. Operation Time: 10am-10pm Daily 2. Egg

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